Time To Think Big…time To Abolish Reservation…..but Are We Ready

Posted by Happy Singh
March 27, 2017

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No reservation is not fair. It hampers the law of equality. It reduces the growth. Although it was already existed in the past in the form of restricted Varna System(due to corrupt practices in post vedic period) but as it was wrong in the past so is in present.But as in the past it was practiced for stable society so it is in present.It can be simply consider as a law of change.Its beneficiary will support it while the rest will oppose it.Lets go back in history.What was done with reserved categories, can it be considered as fair. I mean who has given authority to some privileged communities to treat some underprivileged ones worse than animal. Who has given authority to some communities to decide whether weaker communities can worship or can celebrate festivals or can go to schools or can wear clean cloths or can eat good food or at least can live like others. Well it is hard for privileged class to think how it feels, how it not only damages body but soul too, how it diminishes the spark of ambition of young ones. Well there can be many answers regarding caste based humiliation e.g. one can say that it is permitted by god (most rubbish) i.e. god wants some casts to be humiliated as it is a penalty for wrong doing in previous life, there can be many more rubbish and illogical answers. For people with these answers i will only say that many other communities around the world are performing much better without having any practices similar to untouchability in India….why their god is not punishing them and if you think that they are punished by god regularly then please tell me the meaning of punishment. At last i will say to those who agree with my points that there can be better options other than reservation for helping those underprivileged ones but there is a bitter truth that no land lord wants to plough his field himself. No one wants shortage of labors. And this is the root cause for the failure of other schemes. A country without reservations should have social and political equality i.e. just belonging to any particular community should not entitles anyone to become superior and vice versa too. Any country with this characteristics doesn’t need any type of reservation policies. But to achieve this is not easy. If public support this view than superiority should not be community based. This is good. But now comes the third section i.e. economic equality. Due to decades of discriminatory practices there is a huge income disparity among privileged and underprivileged. Thus in order to finish caste based reservation apart from social and political equality economic equality is also a vital section. And this can only be achieved by redistribution of all movable and immovable property in per capita base or rather the share for underprivileged should be more with proper guidance so that they should aware of to how to manage them with fruitful outcomes and proper surveillance should be setup to check any sort of malpractices. After all they are same as a newly born child with respect to privileged society. All measures should be taken with this consideration only. Regular feedback should also be taken to check their development with respect to society. Than only one can hope a reservation free state. And this is definitely not a easy task. Every privileged one has to bleed in order to have a desirable future otherwise country will continue to bleed due to reservation.

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