Unsafe Ola Cabs

Posted by Raaj Rane
March 26, 2017

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Hi guys, today evening my mom came back home from mira road and was telling us at home that she travelled in a ola cab today while returning and she noticed something fishy about the driver there.

She said she kept praying the hanuman chalisa to reach home safely.

We asked why and she told us that the driver kept staring at her in the mirror and touching his private parts continuously.

This happened with her for the 1st time and she was actually scared and because i told her i need to take action against that driver as a son of hers thats my duty.

But she refused and kept saying what if the driver would spray something  on me or rape me.

This is what angered me a lot when she said it.

I told her please stay calm and i quietly took her phone and took a screenshot of the ola ride with the details and i know i was going to share this with you guys for sure because it needs to be highlighted and here i am doing so.

Because my mom won’t ever go to the cops to complaint or do any such thing or even shout or beat someone doing something wrong is why i needed to forcefully take action and also filed a complaint with ola itself telling them about what happened.

This surely is the worst kind of things that happen to women outside.

I mean its so damn unsafe that our own mothers can’t walk or travel anywhere without worrying.

This is absurd.

There surely has to be something done about this driver and many such drivers/ eve-teasers, rapists, molesters and chapri people roaming around india harassing women when they travel, walk or stand somewhere.

And i told my mom you seriously need to be strong and not sit quiet on such situations but lastly she is a woman and a mother too so she would surely be scared about the consequences of her screaming abusing or shouting.

I am ashamed that india is filled with such perverts around is ruining every man’s name in this process of raping molesting harassing eve teasing women.

Rubbish and unacceptable.


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