Up against Trained Provocateurs

Posted by Rakesh Pandey
March 6, 2017

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The nationalist forces must understand that those who have been providing the intellectual support to the red-terror and separatist movements, have always remained afraid of being exposed. To justify their position they rely heavily on their construct that nationalists are dangerous for our society. They make you believe that RSS is an organisation that is spreading poison of ‘communal hatred’ and is as extreme as ISIS. That is the only way that they can justify their tangential and direct support to red-terror in the naxal affected regions and separatists in minority-dominated areas. For more than seventy years they have been shouting from top of their voices that if RSS ideology is allowed to take the centrestage, this country is bound to face communal violence at an unprecedented scale. They had a sigh of relief when NDA I government were voted out of power as the regime under the statesmanship of Atal ji was not obliging them by fanning violent passions of any kind that these subversive forces had made this country to believe into. Their conjectures were crumbling to survive the tests of reality during the Atal regime. They have built up theories in support of the conviction that a widespread violence would become inevitable with RSS ideology in the power. In their desperate attempt to find the losing relevance, they grabbed the opportunity to put the Atal government on the defensive for the manner Gujarat violence had erupted to their liking. Arguably, they have failed to prove their conjectures true even in the case of Gujarat. Their hopes and expectations that had reached an overhyped optimistic level after Gujarat riots couldn’t stand the scrutiny of time and courts. And the fact that this happened when the central government was as offensive as it could have been against Modi, also went against their case. Having lost their ground, they again built up their case before the 2014 general elections to deny the same forces its place at the centre but hopelessly failed. After this unexpected debacle for them, they seemed to have lost their senses, relevance and arguments completely. And they have now opted for a new strategy as their last resort.


They want to provoke the nationalists to trap them into acts that can give support to the fears that they have built up for seventy long years. They have recently started using their strength of being trained provocateurs. They know how to attack and instigate the nationalists to force them into making mistakes and committing blunders. They have started attacking all their icons and institutions of faith. They are prepared to go to any extreme. When they did not get the desired results after they attacked Modi in the name of ‘Bhakts’ and Durga in the name of religion, they have started attacking India in the name of Kashmir and ‘freedom of expression’. They have shown tendencies to cross all limits to save their theories and constructs. They can ask you to debate even with those who have guns in their hands at the international borders and fingers on the triggers to shoot at you on the movement of lips.


We must realize that the nationalists are up against trained provocateurs who have their plan very well chalked out. They are prepared to go to any extent to realize their evil designs as their relevance in Indian politics and their very presence in this country is now at a crucial stake like never before. However, only a restraint approach towards these provocations is bound to frustrate them further. We are confronting those who have a history of placing the interest of this country at much lower priority than their own interest and their individual freedom. Their open strategy is to throw stones on those who have guns in their hands not to shoot at them, but nationalists must show their mettle by not dancing to their tunes and not obliging them by opening fire on them. Nationalists have ceded a significant part of their logical space to their opponents on the print and visual media by indulging in some avoidable ventures and must be prepared to adopt ways to deny the same to them in future.

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