Walk For Water In India On March 22, 2017.

Posted by Nishanth Chakkere Ramesh
March 8, 2017


The cause for the conservation of water has drifted in front of us so many times that any new campaign for water conservation seems to us like another futile exercise. But, it is this pessimistic attitude that hinders us from taking very small steps in the crusade for water conservation.

It has been predicted by political scientists that the next World War, if it is ever fought, will not be fought over territory or oil but it will be over water. This should compel us to think about the reasons about such predictions. The scarcity of water will definitely mean that only the most powerful will have access to it. Just like we see the wars of today, fought over the lubricant of the world’s industrial mechanism-oil, we will one day witness the quarrel over water; not between neighbours but between countries between ideological blocs, between international organisations. 

There surely is a difference, is there not? Oil is not indispensable to human life but water certainly is. This most definitely means that a fight over water equals to the end of life, not just human but all life that depends on water.

India as a country will be particularly ravaged by the scarcity of water. The satanic droughts have been a testament to the dependence of our country on water for agriculture, industries and households. If lack of water is something that we should prepare ourselves for, then we must also prepare for the commercialization of water in India.

Walk for water is a cause taken up by the youth of India. On March 22, 2017, let us celebrate the International Day of water by taking a pledge to save water for ourselves and our posterity.

For more information regarding the venue of the Walk for Water in your respective cities, please visit www.walkforwater.in.

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