‘we’, The Women…

Posted by Mitali Bhachech
March 5, 2017

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“Behind the concept of ‘Men dominated society ‘;  there are lot of biased mothers.. “

Since ages we all are criticising the society for it being “men dominated”. We all know that it should not be so,  we all are criticising it and we all are against it. Still,  why it’s the same?  There has to be something which ‘we,  the women’ are doing wrong,  or say something which we are not doing right.

Dowry is a subject where the only centre of attention is ‘bichari bahu’ (poor bride), but what about ‘ladke ki maa’ (groom’s mother)??????????

We criticise the groom,  we criticise this system but why we are not talking about those women who are,  intentionally or unintentionally,  promoting this system?  When it comes to marriages in India, the first person to feel proud for being ‘ladke wale’ is undoubtedly the groom’s mother. But why to talk about her,  let us always keep on blaming all the MEN on the earth.

Why can’t a mother ask her son to deny for a Dowry?

Why can’t a mother teach her son from a very young age that you and your sister both are humans,  so be a good human for all your lives.

Those kids who will become Men and Women after few years,  are actually unaware of this concept of ‘gender discrimination’..  But not for too long..  We all will work very hard for them to believe that this is our ‘ridiculous ‘ mindset and as we have fought for years,  decades,  ages,  eras,  you also continue. But you must continue in the same way because we don’t want the change,  we just want this ongoing.

Because, if at all we wanted the change, we would have changed ourselves first.

A woman still want to conceive after 3 daughters just to have a son. First daughter is accepted with a little grace and more hope for her luck to have a brother. Second daughter is a bad luck for the family and third is just not acceptable but they are ‘Kind hearted parents'(?), They accept all the 3 kids. And when as a fourth child they are blessed with a Baby Boy,  they feel fulfilled.

Now think about those four kids who are siblings. Mother will give more importance to the son,  all the time and those sisters of him,  mainly second and third daughters, they will be raised with this ‘men dominated society mentality ‘ which is being promoted by their Mother, A WOMAN.

MOTHER is making her son to believe that ‘You are more important than your sisters’. MOTHER is making her daughters to believe that ‘you are less important because you are females’.

 Can’t we break this chain?

Can’t we Women take the initiative to change our mindsets first?

Let’s take a pledge as a Mother,  on this women’s day,  to teach our children TO BE UNBIASED with everyone by BEING UNBIASED with everyone..

– Mitali J.

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