What Is The Ebuzz About Tejas?

Posted by Radha Shrivastav
March 11, 2017

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As per the latest Ebuzz flooding on the internet. It has been around 4 days since an article has been flooding on Tejas , a so called ‘football coach, refree, trainer’ .  Tejas has been in the news, media publicizing on wrong features about himself.

My friend had shared a link to me yesterday on Tejas. I read through the article and seemed genuine. Tejas had stated in his one article which I have shared below. He has shared that he is a football coach, referee, impact officer. How can someone be all of the above?

I read through Tejas article where he had stated that he had been training football for underprivileged kids under sparky. How can someone be teaching football without a license stated from the Government. AIFF has some procedures in which football should be taught. AIFF has licenses given out to people in order for their full training in football.

The categories are from A category to D. Tejas hasn’t been a National player or a state level player playing for any league or tournaments. I find something fishy on this situation. I read the article posted on youthkiawaaz and  it was quite genuine.

How can someone teach football without playing it or having a license? . The rules have to be learnt in order to play such a sport. As part of the Coaches Across Continents has this been verified in order for giving such a duty. Usually a national player has been initiated such kind of a duty to represent at an Asian level.

I feel people should know about this situation. Please do not send your kids to coaching camps if the coaches do not have license. Please do not pay for coaching camps when coaches do not know the sport. They just try swindling cash from you without a proper training.

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