What Media Is Meant For And What Media Do?

Posted by Aditya Awasthi
March 8, 2017


EWS is voice for people.. The main agenda behind it to inform the people . Unfortunately the trend is changed because of some said (outstanding)news reader,  ( extra smart) journalist and (top rated) NEWS channels. Now NEWS channels are doing their duty more accurately by giving the judgement. As media itself a message and it affect the human brain very fast so this is not a big deal if people are becoming more communal and intolerant in real as media is portraying our society like this.
NEWS is not only about sad, hatred, violence and negative things. Yes we studied that any unusual thing become NEWS but never said that unusual thing is negative only. There are also very positive aspects of NEWS also. This positive NEWS is not a part of cart of media channels and our respectful journalist as they learnt that “negative works fast” and positive NEWS will not give them that much fame and TRP.
Is this real journalism? Where is our media ethics ? Why the most neutral NEWS is too biased towards once? Why we are assuming our self judge? Is this , for what we came in this field and joined media ?
These are numbers of questions and all the journalist, anchor and reporters has the answer.. But why too waste time in that.. Use this time for one more sensation.
Yellow Journalism is today’s journalism and no NEWS Is valid without extra spices and salt.
I think society is equally reason behind it because Media channels are serving what people demands. We too wants to watch or listen what we believe or we like. So problem is solved by numbers of channels .. Now you can choose according to your need and taste. Congrats !! You are in Democracy.. So cheers and enjoy your own thoughts and die with that only.
When I was child  I read somewhere that life is all about learning, and humans learn till the last breath but now we develop enough to resist our learning by blocking the things and facts which we don’t like or not of our taste.
So this is our generation, this is our Media and this is our NEWS. Where we all are?? Look at yourself………

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(Aditya kr Awasthi )

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