Where Did I Go Wrong

Posted by nana yalley
March 30, 2017

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Is it your happiness seeing us on the news and Internet feeds with bandages all over our bodies,broken faces and swollen parts of our bodies? Is it you pride to say we attacked them so they would get out of our country? It’s a shame that we have to be subjects to your cruel attitude towards us. But yet your government goes to our countries in search or bilateral relationships when deep down the core there is no relations at all.i dare one and all to at least cut himself and see if what flows after the opening is water or red coloured blood anyone who gets anything else than blood should stand and say we are all not the same but if you get the same red colour know that the body we have is just a uniform to represent the part of the world you come from and as such if you look beyond the uniform we are the same.
Say no to racism say no to xenophobic attack .for unity is strength and Ubuntu I am because you are

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