Who Is Tejas? What Happened To Street Style Society Bangalore?

Posted by Rishika Aaryan
March 8, 2017


Indian Street Style Society as not many of you would have heard is an Indian freestyle football society started in Bengaluru, India.

With Prithvi

What is freestyle football actually about?

As stated by many websites it is a sport where you use football creating moves with your body such as head, chest etc.

As per researches made on this recent sport. I came across the Indian freestyle football federation where the news articles were flooding worldwide. The sport was something definitely new. I wanted to read more further and get down to the beginning of this sport.

When I was googling on some of the pages to research on this sport I came across a page on Facebook which had street style society- Bangalore. I felt it must be something and went through the pages where I came across Tejas R.

Tejas R is a football freestyler from Bengaluru who was a winner of vfest at Goa. His current trip was to Zurich for the FIFA museum.

I interviewed Tejas asking him how did he learn the art of freestyle football. His reply was spontaneous stating that he left engineering in order for his passion towards football. His organization about sparky was a tremendous organization to develop the underprivileged kids towards this field. When asked him about his inspiration ,he replied football was his only inspiration. When I further interviewed Tejas about the street style society Bangalore. There was just silence from him.

I further questioned him asking where are the other members of street style society . What happened to the other members of the society ? Did they grow in the field of freestyle football? There was no response from him. But just silence.

During my interview with him he told me about a freestyler by the name Satish . As per Google I tried researching on the freestyler and found out that Satish was placed third at the Redbull Streetstyle,2014 and a city qualifier for Karnataka. I tried getting in touch with Satish but was not able too.

When I was about to leave after interviewing Tejas. Tejas stopped me back in order to tell me the ‘real story’s behind his career. Tejas had learnt the art of freestyle football from Satish. At times, when Tejas wanted to learn the sport. Satish would bring him home to eat and give him a place to stay for him to learn the sport. He did not want me to put these in the article because he was ‘well established ‘and wanted to grow in the career.

Tejas went on to tell me what the street style society is about?. The street style society was started by Satish in order to help develop freestylers in Bangalore. His passion towards Sean Garnier ( as per Satish website) he wanted to start a society for football freestylers in India. Due to the copyright names licensed by Sean Garnier. The organization had to be shut down.

Satish was teaching around 270 kids at orphanages in Bengaluru at that time and Tejas would be an assistant for Satish at the performances. Tejas had the idea of starting his own organization without the help of Satish . So started the organization of sparky.

Tejas was hesitating to tell me all that had happened in his life and wanted to keep the story hidden. He did not wish to speak further about it and told me to leave. He deleted the demo of the street style society video in order to leave no Trace of the organization.

Not many people know the truth of what is happening around. As per interview done with Tejas. The story had to been known out in the open. I tried contacting Satish to give me more details on the society. But I wasn’t able to get in touch with him apart from his Redbull Streetstyle, 2014 newspaper article.


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