Why Feminism Is Good For Men

Posted by Shivam Inayat Singh
March 15, 2017

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As a child whenever someone asked me what my mother did to support the family , i would often lie. During the early years of my life I would say that she was a teacher, then a doctors and when I was in my mid teens i would say a retired teacher who ran an NGO for domestically abused women while in reality she was ‘just a housewife’ . Having grown up now when I look back and examine  the past, I often wonder why is it that a seven year old would think of lying about his mothers profession. Perhaps because I was ashamed that she wasn’t educated enough. But what I think is the main reason is that I wanted her to be all those things, I wanted her to be this powerful independent woman. To understand the psyche of that seven year old we would have to understand the environment in which he grew. I grew up watching my grandparents insult my mother for her poor housekeeping skills, they would even throw words  at her in front of me and my brother that aren’t appropriate at all for children to hear. My father wasn’t any better , he too would insult her and call her names , often he would hit her after taking alcohol. Things would remain sour for a few days and then my mother would finally forgive him and this cycle would repeat again and again. In all those moments of deep despair and shock, that little boy would think what if his mother was as independent as his teachers at school. I wish the feminism movement had started when my mother was growing up, had she been educated and independent things might have turned out different for us , that’s why i think feminism is good for men as well.In a few years I’ll start earning, I hope that I give her all the respect and happiness she deserves.

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