Why Happiness Is Not Just A Choice

Posted by somaya iqubal khan
March 17, 2017

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“Happiness is a choice”, this sentence has been used by the helping professionals as an antibiotic to the depressed souls, but for the fact, the depressed ones have already been overdosed with such panacea, and have acquired resistance.

Not only for the disturbed people but also the normal healthy working brain, how can happiness be a choice when so much of everything is external? They say happiness is a state of mind if it is so then that state is reached by certain stimuli, a certain situation, and reasons. It cannot exist aloof and as maverick.

Who would be happy about one’s failure, heartbreak, loss, and maladjustments, when these are the reasons of grief? Yes, one can learn to be okay about those but being happy is not natural and neither can it be learned. Happiness and grief are the natural response to the incidents and situations we are in; those are the feelings, outcomes of what we put in or what we just face out of natural order.

We all need motivation in our lives, every day when we wake up, wake up with gratitude, as gratitude is the sole source of happiness which is independent of the external factors.

The other ways that can make us happy are our efforts. Efforts to keep in touch with reality, efforts to build a motivation that keeps us chasing to something, something to achieve, dream and fulfill. Efforts to love and be loved by the one’s you choose. Had we been the only person on Earth, chances are there that we could have opted to be happy by being content with everything around and by not knowing any parallel world. But we live in a society where everything and everyone affects us in some or the other way, little or more. And this fact entails the need to work towards our happiness.

So take control of yourself, express myriad, change what you can, and work hard towards your dreams. These are the things that make us happy.

So, make it happen!

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