Why Hypocricy…..

Posted by Happy Singh
March 27, 2017

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As nothing is absolute so is of being zero percent hypocrite. Being slightly hypocrite is not problematic. It is considered as a advise. But everything has its limitations.Lets takes some examples.
We all know that Mahatma Gandhi ji, who is consider as father of our nation, was ill treated in South Africa because he was belonging to Indian race. It was highly condemned nation wide. The objection was logical. How can a man of letters could be discriminated on the ground of race to which he belongs. Right now if ask anyone about that incident, he will definitely opposes by giving above reasons but than if you ask him that if he consider racial discrimination such an evil practice and that race should not be a deciding factor for supremacy than why he is using fairness cream to look fairer. Although looking presentable and well dressed is a part of civilized society but looking fairer is just an involuntary action done by those who consider themselves inferior when they are less fair. Hence what they had condemned is same what they are appreciating now.
Alcohol is one of the causes of miserable life style of the poor’s, domestic violence,molestation and harassment etc..One must say that it should be banned.On one side government is imposing laws that the cover of cigarette should have pictorial warning and on the other hand for increasing the revenue they distribute license.
Cow is one of the animals which have the tendency to feed humans. It has been feeding the humans for the time immemorial. This is the prime reason of worshiping it.But what about other animals who have the same characteristics for which cow is worshiped I’m talking about buffalo and goat. They are used in flesh trade.This is the point of disagreement to me.One side you are ready to kill anybody who has killed cow but on the other hand you are allowing to other animals to be sacrificed which do have same characteristics as of cow for your greed.
Some communities were considered as untouchable due to their profession which was of removing the hides of dead animal.This practice was considered as anti religious Although nobody wants to know who is using those hides and leather. For me the point of disagreement is if this profession was anti religious than why not leather is also consider as anti religious of same degree.Why drums bladder, which is made up of leather ,is used in temple but the creator of that drum was not allowed to enter.Why people don’t consider the polish which is use to shine the metallic idols which has fats as anti religious. Why grease used in doors is not against religious ethics. Why people who have taken bath with soap are allowed to enter in temple when we know that soap has fatty acids (source is not mentioned i.e. whether it is from plant or animal although the cheapest source is animal).

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