Why not try taking pride in criticisms?

Posted by mani agarwal
March 4, 2017

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I would like to start this conversation with some simple questions that we all need to ask ourselves and seek an unadulterated answer to each one of them:

Do I have some ideas, beliefs, faiths?

Do I agree with the fact that everyone else would have their own answer irrespective of what I have?

Do I have the right to defend my ideas, beliefs and faith in any scenario?

Do I believe everyone should have that courage?

Do I believe that no book, painting, speech, caricature, post, comment can harm by belief, faith or ideas?

(Hope you answered all of them)

Albeit answers to first four questions would be straight forward, the last question might make us think a bit.

Isn’t it?

If not, you should feel happy for what you are.

Most often it is not the case, today we see people getting outraged by almost anything that is being said, written, telecasted or painted about their beliefs and faiths.  Why don’t we sit down, think and ask ourselves: Is our identity so fragile that it will succumb to others ideas and offences? When it has given us a way of life, will it be swayed in the wind of criticisms? Has it gone given us the strength to face and clear out our differences?

We always feel proud of our diverse nation moving cordially with each and every facet of our colors towards a prosperous tomorrow. Why don’t we take anything that comes our way in a positive stride, why don’t we think that so much thought has been given to our faiths and beliefs by people just because we are so different? We deserve their attention!! We have our chest broadened when someone appreciates our qualities but we can’t stand anything outside our domain of ideas.

Living in a country as pluralist as ours, shouldn’t we be mature enough by now?

Even if we impose our self made rules on any entity out there which we think is hampering our way of life, what difference does it actually make. Preventing a book to be sold in India, stopping a film from being released, trolling people who speak their mind doesn’t really serve the purpose. It’s a sheer undermining of a person’s freedom of expression.

Moreover, it is not the last book written about us, last movie that is being made or last time someone is speaking out, many more will come in future. How many will we curb? How long can we control?

Such control will not make us more respectable , it just showcases our pusillanimous attitude, keeping us devoid of any new and fresh thoughts.

Just let go off, think wide, stand against such ideas that refrain us from rational thinking, take criticisms head on and instead of subsiding them, take pride in them. Support your beliefs more than trying to curb your critiques. Explain the rationale behind them and leave room for introspections. It will strengthen our understanding about the cornerstones of our lives.

Encourage young generations by thoughtful actions, to believe in ideas they are brought up with, imbibe in them qualities of respecting others ideas as much as they respect theirs.

A day will come when we will rise from such petty issues with a zeal that will stand tall in face of doubt , breaking the shackles of baseless impositions.


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