Why Retention Is A Problem For Startups

Posted by Aakansha Juneja
March 21, 2017

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The good old days where you spend your whole life with one employer, being loyal to them and believing it was best to you and of course, being a satisfied employee, are long gone.

Satisfied employee? Really?

In 2017, I am seeking the new definition of a satisfied employee and are employees really satisfied with kind of organization they are working with.

Today, I am writing this post for both employee and employer.

There were times where your first job and retirement could be at one place with the same boss and with same colleagues. But now, farewell cakes are being cut by employees every day.

The cause for this situation is not being identified by anyone. I think I can answer this question with one word: ‘culture’.

I believe the culture of an organization motivates or demotivates employees to be with them. Start-ups came with a boom, giving and creating a kind of environment which an employee would love to be in, but slowly it also started giving a kind of stress which no one would prefer to take. The Higher designation, bigger money was the concept of a startup which attracted more and more people but later it’s too late to realize that satisfaction is more important.

With the emergence of globalization increment in jobs could be seen which encouraged everyone to opt for startups and of course money was a major factor but the kind of stress it gives you hamper your mental piece. In 2016, 217 startups were shut down and there are much more to come. Many of them have succeeded also which have produced a lot of money and respect for them and jobs for others and of course it also came with an idea to give an opportunity to those who have extraordinary talent in them which could not be seen if they stay in system which is processing from quiet a long time and cannot be changed just for few.


Here, I would belittle stereotype and would suggest employees leave such jobs which are not giving you a mental piece which I have experienced personally. Not just to criticize start up but we cannot deny the fact that holding up employees’ salary, Ban on tissue papers, toilet papers, cleaning their utensils also become a part of your job which I don’t think was experienced before by any employee.


So, this is how employers want to retain employees? This is how you expect their productivity to increase. I have never come across any organization, fixing any employee salary’s on the basis of their targets but now this concept in startups has also been seen.

We talk about productivity, extra working hours, flexibility, and provide our employees this type of culture? This is my personal experience which I am speaking of. Possibly people experience amazing feel with this kind of organization but I feel who used to spend their whole life with those organizations had something in their culture which could retain employees for so long and we can also learn some tactics from older and reputed organizations who are always in talks for the type of culture they provide to employees.

I would also suggest those employees who do not experience mental satisfaction while working should quit and look out for something which would satisfy them and help them to grow professionally and personally in life which in fact every employer should take care of, in turn, will help them to retain their talent for a longer period of time. It’s never too late or too soon you will get one what you deserve, So don’t think much of the`job which makes you feel every day and make you find the reason on the job you are going on.


Find your kind of job!


For employers, i would always suggest take along your employee with you in success and make them feel they are part of it which brings in the loyalty within an employee to stay with an organization with more period of time and in fact which will attract more talent from outside. Taking care of your employee is your responsibility and not the liability.


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