Why We Celebrate Women’s Day ?

Posted by Shiksha Chhabra
March 12, 2017

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It was 8th March, regarded as International Women’s Day. Everyone around me impetuously became so female oriented. I could feel the aura of feminism, equality, and freedom in every individual that surrounds me.

A plethora of campaigns about women empowerment, boldness, freedom, respect could be seen on all the social media platforms. I remember an ad campaign by Vivo India featuring Bani J focusing on the raw beauty of women and with a hashtag #BeBoldForTheChange. It was remarkable and portrayed that women should be bold enough to show what they are and I candidly extol their efforts. I could also find oodles of tweets trending on Twitter for women’s day. Countless speeches from myriads of people, WhatsApp messages, facebook shares and what not. But wait a second don’t you think this day has been overrated? Is it justifiable to honor a woman on a single day? It provoked me to think hard that does the Nation really needs a day to admire women ? Does anyone has answers to these questions? I guess no one would have that because we can’t castigate ourselves or can we?

On one hand an ad campaign is ostending that women should be bold enough to bring the change and on the other hand, Censor Board is banning films like Lipstick Under My Burkha just because it is female oriented and has bold scenes. People are talking about equality then why only women have to change their surnames after marriage. Army is considered as the custodian of our country but Mothers of Manipur are fighting for their daughters since 13 years who got raped by AFSPA ( Armed Forces Special Powers Act)
Isn’t that all so ironical?

I could recall a short video clip in which actress Kriti Sanon passively exhibited her outrage through various placards and calling the day as Whatever Day. Factually, it’s true! We just talk without turning our actions into reality. Our nation doesn’t need a day for women but it needs a change for women.


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