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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.

Posted by Simran Takkar
March 4, 2017

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  • We are a threat to humanity, and indeed surrounded by even more disastrous threats offered by change in the society, one like sexism. We are to be blamed for letting these changes flourish.It is natural to have two opposite sexes. It’s natural to have similarities and  “differences”. Its natural for young people like us and elders, who taught us, to confuse this difference, that nature renders , with :inequality”.This difference is now seen as a comparison between the two and ofcourse, males being the higher and stronger.
    Well here, the question might strike you! Why are we carrying the notion that has been stereotyped for years? One side, we say we need gender equality; equal right for men women and economic equality; equal wages for women as men for the same work since it’s a democratic country that we are living in. However, the next moment we get a chance to rectify the situation where women is objectified or made inferior to others, it’s young people like us – who keep our hands folded and mouths shut !
    Perhaps, the answer lies in ourselves. We are afraid to be called “feminists” , a popular term that is being extremely used to ridicule those who claim to be one amongst these. But I am not afraid to say that ‘I am a Feminist’. I’d claimed this since I had been experiencing little dishearteming things everyday around me, that assured me – just not my land but no country in the world has, till now, received absolute gender equality. As I walk through the streets, I watch men staring me and other girls around, or everlasting sometimes. I am told not to reply back at those, to be ignorant enough and save my self-respect. Well, I wonder if it really does. I am even told not to step out after nine , especially not with guy friends. Every friend who happens to be out at late night gets insecure if she would reach home all fine.
    Why? Is feminism just restricted to girls since it’s about “girls” . Who said so , though? It represents one of the goals that Indian and in fact, any other country would wants
    to fulfil. Aren’t men like these equally responsible in creating a free environment that our country aspires? Feminism is as important for men than for women.
    Criticize yourself if you still find that you have not been able to contribute to the nation, from which you inturn expect changes for your better self.
    Take the charge, right then and right there.

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