Women In My Country

Posted by Rahul Bornfree
March 8, 2017

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Today is women’s day. How many of you are planning to post and share those cozy and Sugar coated words which we circulate in women’s day? Probably many. It’s good 😊 we should do it.

They should feel comfortable that the world created by Men(In Self Delusion) is heaven for them. They should feel safe as “Lakshmi” depicted as serving Vishnu in a calendar Art. They should feel safe as “Sita” sacrificing herself for Ram in Ramayana. They should feel safe as “Sati” waiting and killing again and again herself just to marry Shiva.

Women of this country are like Holy cow(pujniya gau mata) they should be respected. Right?? Like it is written behind public vehicles 🚙 (This Taxi respects women)

Today is the day guys let’s prove how much we respect women.

Every 9 minutes, a case of cruelty is committed by either of husband or a relative of the husband. Cruelty by a husband or his relatives is the greatest occurring crime against women. In West Bengal, there were 19,865 cases, accounting for 18.7% of the national total, and in Andhra Pradesh, there were 13,389 cases, accounting for 12.6% of the national total. However the point to be noted here is that the Section 498a, which is called the anti dowry law is the most misused law in India.


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