Women Inequality And Unseen Culprits

Posted by Deeksha Verma
March 6, 2017

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“Why to ask for equality, when we our self are not ready to give.”

We very often hear everyday one or the other protest is going on for women rights. Very easy, more crimes, more fights. But why this is happening? Straight one will start giving excuses.  Poverty, illiteracy, and will continue with the big list of social issues. Remove them all and everything will become fine. But I say, “NO”. It can never be.

Haven’t you ever seen educated people disrespecting women, or rich or poor people doing so? Or haven’t you seen, women disrespecting women. Now you will say, women not enough educated. But what about those who are?  These all are just reasons, we try to give when we aren’t able to handle things, or don’t want to.

In actual scenario, equality will be their only when we our self, either men or women, start giving worth to our own existence. There are many scenarios seen when women themselves are not supporting women. And here by support I do not mean, “PROTESTS”. All I mean here is,  scenarios like, “boys mother taking dowry”, “girl’s mother ready to give dowry”, “mother suggesting daughters not to wear short cloths”, mother teaching boys to bring  “SANSKARI BAHU” and by this they mean one who cooks, cleans, gets covered up to down, “society blaming girls friendliness for their rape”. And like few I mentioned, there are many more scenarios, where women themselves are degrading women’s standard.

If women will not give respect to women, why hell will anyone else care, or even should care. Keep pleading, keep punishing, but I guarantee, nothing will change.

You might have heard a famous quote,

“One Dirty fish can contaminate a pond”

So, unless until each and every women start giving worth to “All THE WOMEN” and “IDENTITY WOMEN”, scenario will not change. So, first it should be women to stand and have good vibes for “Women”. Than only we can thing about women equality.


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