Womens March India? Using My Art To Speak Up!

Posted by M. S
March 8, 2017


Womens March is a Movement that was started in the U.S.A, thousands of women all over the world strive to create equality between the gender in every aspect possible ,They fight for justice by standing up to the injustice ,by speaking up and voicing their grievances, they’ve become spokespersons to the thousands of other women who fear to speak up for themselves,These groups of courageous women make it possible for so many other women who are victims of oppression to get rid of the bondages that hold them back from being a strong independent woman. They demand that their fundamental rights be safeguarded in a society where the hues and cries of a women may hold little to no importance,The movement is a Resistance to the downgrading of the status of women all over the globe,and a gleam of hope to those who face the brunt of extreme patriarchal society, On 8th march, all the women who support the Womens March wore red to signify “a day without women” where women refused to work and bought only local, and refrained from any duties.

“We Just want our Fun-Damental rights ” original poster

A widespread movement like the Womens March is yet to find its roots in India, But I guess thats where the lack of support and coordination as well as fear of societal backlash comes in.

In a predominantly patriarchal society like India women live in the fear of being harassed, judged, raped, “NO MEANS NO”-original poster

eve teased, killed for honour of the family, or just the lack of freedom, to study, to work, and the misconception that women lack the ability to hold and manage higher level/executive jobs and management moreover leading to unequal pay despite working for the same amount of time we undeniably need a body like the women’s march, to be the voice of those women who wish to be heard, to solidify the bonds between women all over the country irrespective of what their background is,To bring change, maybe slowly but irrevocably on the perception of women and their abilities in Indian society and MOST importantly to make gender equality a reality in India.


On 8th March women from all over the world wear red to mark the date as #daywithoutawoman
A strike for equality, and equal fundamental rights, a strive for all the women all around the globe, to protect, enforce and safeguard the equal rights of people of all genders, communities and genders, what would a day without women mean for India? – with around 48.5% (2011 census) of the population being women in India, 26.1% of the women in rural India and 13.8 women in Urban contribute to the economy, as farmers, doctors, teachers, engineers and so many other occupation holding people that we need for our day to day life.

Original Poster by let_thoughts_through

A stop in the working of the women who contribute to the Indian Economy would mean a MAJOR setback to the economy of a progressing India. The same can be said for the male workforce in India that also plays a major role in sustaining the nations economy therefore equality is a must for the genders ,And lets not forget the Homemakers and women who have the round-the-clock duty to take care of their home and family, a day without their support and the foundation of a regulated day to day functioning of the rest of the family would cease to exist.
Art is my form of standing up, of speaking out, encouraging and supporting the women to whom the messages in the artwork would make a difference, And Its high time we all found our own means of standing up, of making others as well as yourself understand that its okay to not be okay, its okay to voice your opinion, to stand up against what u feel is wrong or unjust, to speak up! Not only for yourself but for those who undergo the same as you do,and once we find that means, we can say that we’ve successfully started to do our bit to bring the change we want to see, To empower women and to make make “equality a reality” in India.

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