World’s First Woman Commander Of The Airbus Is Now Changing The Lives Of 350 Women

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March 6, 2017

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The story of INDHA goes back to 1996, when a foundation called Literacy India was established as a non-for profit organization, with the objective of empowering underprivileged children and women and making them self-sufficient. Literacy India was founded by Captain Indraani Singh – the first woman in Asia to fly an Airbus.  The thought behind its inception was to train women under Karigari, who found it difficult to support themselves financially due to restrictions imposed upon them regarding moving out of the village to find work.  INDHA works towards improving the life of these women by providing them vocational training. At Indha they make sure that the women are trained not only in the skill but also gain confidence to converse and make decisions.
Block printing is a valuable art that defines what Indian apparel design is, and it has been passed down for generations within families and communities. The ‘recipes’ for the traditional plant-based dyes are developed within each family and kept alive through several generations. At Indha, highly skilled women work to revive rare and often unseen hand arts.
For those who appreciate traditional skills and genuine handmade products, INDHA offers hundreds of unique designs, few in numbers, to create exclusivity, and which generate a living for skilled, but marginalized women, helping them to dare to dream once again. The brand creates furnishing items, bags, recycled paper and products, and several other accessories. Strongly advocating for the re-establishment of artisans and their art, Indha showcases a wide range of creations that have been painstakingly worked upon, with utmost focus and dedication.
Indha has created a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for their initiative to cover admin costs, and costs for training plus procurement of raw materials. You too can be a part of their wonderful endeavours!

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