‘As A BJP Sympathiser, Yogi Adityanath’s Elevation As UP CM Shocked Me’

Posted by Romit Chandrakar in Politics
March 19, 2017

Being a BJP sympathiser, I was shocked with Yogi Adityanath’s elevation as the chief minister of the largest state in India. Yogi has a good popularity among BJP supporters. However, it’s also true that he does not have that much acceptance among the common masses. I was shocked also because BJP doesn’t have a dearth of capable and well-educated leaders. Some names had been rolling on the media floors over the past few days. Whether it be Rajnath Singh, an ex-professor having a lot of experience Keshav Maurya, UP Chief, or Manoj Sinha, an IIT-BHU graduate who had shown his astonishing performance as the minister of state for railways.

In my opinion, Manoj Sinha’s appointment could have been a master-stroke for the BJP. I am not doubting Yogi Adityanath’s education. He’s done a BSc in maths but it’s about credibility here.

In other states like Rajasthan Maharashtra, Assam or Goa, Modi has given credible and energetic faces. Like the young Fadnavis in Maharashtra and the dynamic Parrikar in Goa, who have delivered as per expectations. They have put up credible faces in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh. That’s why they have been in power for so many years over there. However, why is the BJP trying to miss that golden opportunity in UP where it got such a landslide majority in the name of development? They are committing a blunder by appointing such a violent and firebrand leader as the Uttar Pradesh chief minister.

I had personally heard Yogi Adityanath a few days back when he came to Raipur for the inauguration of a Ram temple His statements are mostly focused on communal issues, about the prospects of building Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Even though, I also personally endorse that there should be a huge Ram Temple built in Ayodhya.

All in all, it would be too early to comment on some person’s capability but if Yogi wants to become an acceptable leader of UP’s common masses, he needs to stop making controversial statements which create division in society and run the government with consensus by adhering to Modi ‘s advice of “Sarkar banti hai bahumat se, lekin chalti hai sarvamat se.” (The government forms itself due to the support of the majority, but it runs by consensus.)

Now it is high time for Yogi to prove his mettle by doing all-round development of infrastructure in UP, cleaning Ganga, waiving loans of farmers, creating investment opportunities in UP to generate employment for youths, building the Ram Temple and making Uttar Pradesh as ‘Uttam-Pradesh‘.

Image source: Ashok Dutta/ Hindustan Times via Getty Images