By The Time You Finish Reading This Post, One Woman Could Die

Posted by Nishika R. Saxena
April 27, 2017


Why do only 12% of 355 million menstruating women in India have access and monetary freedom to buy to sanitary napkins?

Millions are still uneducated and unaware about menstrual hygiene while others are still using unhygienic methods like using same old rags again and again, recycled tissue papers and some even use sand.

In 1992, the price of a sanitary napkin was Rs17 which has now reached Rs34. In such case how can a wa womano collects plastic bottles from garbage and sells it to feed her stomach be able to afford these napkins ??

Luxury-Tax on sanitary napkins is 14 % and in some parts of India its 14.5%. Moreover the rising brands , styles are fashion in such a basic necessity product has also risen its prize. Do we need brands even in a daily necessity like you wear inner wears. ??? Gel sanitary napkins available in market cost around 250 Rs for just 8 pads in it.

In short, yearly approximately 5000 rupees a girl needs just to spend for her basic necessity like periods. Will it be affordable to every women of India ??

My question to you all readers is when “condoms” are being openly sold “tax-freethen why should we pay tax for sanitary napkins ?? when a boy has no shame to purchase condoms then why should we girls feel shy and hesitate in going to a medical store and purchase sanitary napkin ??

Just like Bindi, Alta, Sindoor, sanitary napkin is also women’s need, when all these products are tax free then why not sanitary napkins. ???

Moreover using Rags, gel sanitary napkins, dry napkins available in market are extremely harmful and even lead to death……stop using them immediately

These Rags Does Not Protect You From Blood Stain On Your Skirt……Its Your Shroud Of Death

Side effects and causes of using rags instead of sanitary napkins :-

  • Severe itchy red rashes on urethra
  • Urinary tract infections – UTI
  • Severe urinary inflammations
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Finally leads to Death if not diagnosed or treated on time

Every 5 minute one women out of 5 in India die of ovarian cancer. Nearly every girl suffers with UTI every month. Girls use gel and dry sanitary napkins , which turn blood into green colour gel ….. this green colour is actually fungus which penetrates from small vagina opening reaches to ovary grows their and causes ovarian cancer.

To treat ovarian cancer Doctors, operate and remove uterus, this has decreased birth ratio in India.  If not treated it leads to death.

Girls do not hesitate to purchase a tooth paste but hesitate to purchase a sanitary napkin in front of everyone. Why are we girls stopped about talking about our periods openly since childhood ? telling its “gandi baat” what is so called “ganda” in it. ?

Women works in corporates for 12 hours of a day, bears the 5 day terrible pain of her periods, still without complaining does all household chores, keeps smile on her face and is asked not to enter kitchen when you are in periods, not to visit temples when you are in periods……why all such taboos imposed on process which is beyond her control ???? should we lock ourselves inside a room and kill ourselves just because we are down…………..sorry then I raise my voice today and say…………#I Am Not Down

Schools, offices charge Rs 10 for using a single sanitary napkin which is also asked to replace. If this is the prize of a basic women necessity in India then how will we save our poor girls from death ? Its just like asking money for drinking water.

As its said “An Healthy Women Makes A Healthy Family” hence I have few suggestions to Indian Government if my voice reaches them :-

  • Only if we remove “luxury-tax” from sanitary napkins, it might decrease its prize considerably and becomes affordable to all. This way every girl can make use it.
  • Educate every girl about sanitary hygiene and washroom etiquettes. Tell them that is no shame in talking about periods and purchasing sanitary napkins openly.
  • Schools, colleges to keep sanitary napkins and provide them for free to every girl in case of emergency.
  • Society don’t stop your daughters to visit temples in period, then have not done any sin by wasting their blood in a natural process. Stop imposing such taboos on them
  • Arrange more health camps in small villages and provide sanitary napkins for free to every poor women creating an awareness in them.

Girls I personally suggest you being medically sound enough that stop using sand, rags, re-cycled tissue papers, Gel sanitary napkins, dry sanitary napkins as these are terribly hazardous to your health, hence its my recommendation use only normal cotton gauge napkins with no fashion in it.

Girl Don’t Harm Yourself, Don’t Shame Yourself,

You Are Strong To Work Even When You Are Bleeding Heavily, Keeping Smile on your face……………#You Are Not Down

Stay Healthy !


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