10 Ways Social Media Can Help You Boost Your Business

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Engaging your target audience on a social media platform is a great way to build your brand. But ramping up social media interaction can be a daunting task. Well, worry not – as here are 10 post ideas that can help drive social media engagement for your business. Let’s get started!

When we talk about social media, more engagement is considered as the ultimate goal of social media marketing as greater engagement can boost your business. There are different forms of engagement, which mean different things to different people. But, for most advertisers, it means getting a reaction from their target audience.

As far as social media is concerned, the engagement comes in the form of likes, shares, comments, retweets, repins, clicks, upvotes, +1s, views, and so on.

10 Exclusive Post Ideas To Boost Social Media Engagement For Your Business

What’s the secret behind getting more likes, shares, and comments on your posts?

The answer is obvious – you need to post content which truly resonates with your specific fan base, makes them communicate, and always maintains this personal connection.

1. Share Appealing Videos

Research has shown that more than 60% of marketers or small business owners have planned to invest more in video marketing in 2017.

It has been found that Facebook users alone watch 100 million hours of video every day. The number is high for Twitter too, with up to 82% of users watching videos regularly.

These days, live videos have become a very important medium for brands. They add a personal touch to your videos and are a great way to engage your audience.

Also, storytelling through videos keeps your audience interested and willing to return to your wall.

2. Post GIFs

Do you use animated GIFs as a part of your social media tactic? If not, start using them and watch your engagement grow. In 2016, people on Twitter shared more than 100 million GIFs. GIFs are highly accepted now in social media marketing. They’re attractive and highly shareable across multiple social communities. Whether you design a GIF image on your own or source it from a search engine, the fact is that they boost your brand image and lead to an increase in the number of followers and customers.

3. Competitions and Giveaways

Every brand has a group of loyal fans and followers. When you see a fan enjoying, sharing or retweeting your posts regularly, you should express your gratitude by rewarding them. Regularly organizing contests on your wall and giving followers something in return can actually enhance engagement and make it beneficial for them to continue sharing your business posts.

4. User-friendly Blog Posts

To build blog engagement among your fans for more comments, social shares, and links, you have to make your blog unique and share it on your social media profiles.

Don’t forget to write a curiosity generating blurb while sharing the post!

5. High-Quality Guest Posts

Sharing guest posts from well-regarded websites or from prominent bloggers is a very good option, as it helps in build up relationships with not just these entities but their followers as well.

6. Industry Expert Interviews

Your customers will have many questions for you, related to your products and services. So, creating a forum where they can place their questions and doubts should be a priority. But to take things a step further, why not ask these questions to industry experts by conducting interviews? Interviews can greatly boost your engagement on social media platforms, especially if they’re conducted on the platforms themselves, like Twitter chats on Twitter.

7. Celebration Posts

Did you take your workers out to a great lunch? Or, do you ever celebrate your employees’ birthdays? If yes, just snap a picture and post! Remember, employee satisfaction is a must before gaining public plaudits for your work.

Don’t simply focus on your employees as product models, but, focus on their personalities, workspaces, events like team building exercises, birthdays, and so on. Whenever you organise something for your employees or prepare for an event together, capture those moments and post them either on Instagram or Facebook to boost your transparency and gain engagement.

8. Run a Poll

Create poll posts or survey posts can help deliver crucial information to and followers and vice versa, thus helping to solve their queries. You can even create polls as a fun way to drive engagement! With the help of these polls, your audiences get the chance to provide feedback and feel heard. This conveys to them that no matter how busy you are, you care about their needs and interests.

9. Funny / Inspirational Images

Pictures often get high engagement on almost every social media platform – but only if they are inspiring, thought-provoking, or humorous. Posting funny or motivational pictures on your social feeds can work wonders.

According to Huffington Post, post engagement rates are 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays with more likes, shares, and comments.

10. Re- Post or Retweet Viral Posts

Do not hesitate to re-post or re-tweet a post that has already gone viral. As these posts have already engaged many people, why not use them again? It’s a smart idea to boost engagement on your business posts and generate more traffic for your posts and websites.


These were our ideas to boost business through social media profiles.

Do you have your own idea that works for your social media audience? Please do share your experience and recommendations in the comment box below!


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