Burning Paradise

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April 19, 2017

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Jammu and kashmir, India’s one of the most picturesque state lies on the peaks of himalayan ranges with varying topography nd culture.

Kashmir is a truely paradise on earth, land where a lot holiday ideas are realized. When specially during winter, snow covers the mountains, there is skIing,  sledge-riding… along the gentle slopes. Kashmir is once a tourists’ paradise. Unfortunate, Kashmir is bleeding, as world knows because of the role of pakistan and anti indian separatists in the violent protests in kashmir.

Hizbul mujahideen apart from believing in Shari’a Law of islam also believes in kashmir to be a part of pakistan. Burhan wani who was the head of Hizbul Mujahideen had also a dream of kashmir to be a part of pakistan. After the death of burhan wani which lead to the 2016 unrest. Mehmood Ghaznavi or Zakir Rashid bhat properly known as Zakir musa was appointed   Hizbul Mujahideen’s new commander in Kashmir.

Zakir Musa who is the head of Hizbul Mujahideen has been constantly raging war against India. The terrorist Burhan Wani who was killed last year belong to the same group. The group is well known for radicalizing youth and provoking people against Army. Unfortunately Zakir musa new Hizbul Commander has said the reason for their fight against india is not kashmir but for islam! Yes, he described that they are not fighting to free kashmir from india but want the kashmir to be under islamic control.

‘The sole motive should be for the supremacy of islam so that Shari’a is established here. Zakir said whose Hizbul mujahideen is the only surviving indigenous group of kashmir. But according to Burhan Wani who was former Commander of Hizbul Mujahideen had a dream of kashmir to be a part of pakistan.

Hurriyat Chairman Syed Ali Shah Geelani and all separatists leaders chanting slogans “kashmir banaga pakistan” His dream is also kashmir to be a part of pakistan. Pakistani ISI pays the Hurriyat separatists in cash every month. The Hurriyat separatists use Kashmir as an ATM. Paid agents (Separatists) of Pakistan, they have enriched themselves while causing misery and suffering to fellow Kashmiris. the Hurriyat Conference denounced the statement of the HM commander as “immature”. The general secretary of the Hurriyat, Ghulam Nabi Sumji, said that such type of statements “harms the azadi struggle”. Sumji told the Telegraph newspaper, “If you look at Geelani statements, he always maintains that Kashmir is a political issue and that our struggle is confined to our state.” This is the same Sumji who was given permission to lead protests in the CM’s town on July 31 , last year when the youth of south Kashmir were being maimed with pellets when they were not murdered. For many people it may be a surprising statement from the Hurriyat, which build its constituency on Islam and Islamic slogans. Remember it is the same party who used to chide the JKLF cadres for its secular overtones, and even referred to them as “La-deen” fighters.

The terrorist zakir’s message means that the Hurriyat has to come out of their comfort zone. But why should they come out of it. Those who fight with weapons against the occupation¬–the men who matter–are not their sons or relatives. Pellets blind Kashmiri youth, not the Hurriyat leaders or their activists. Bullets kill Kashmiri youth while the Hurriyat leadership and its activists remain ensconced in press releases and photo ops. The Hurriyat has become comfortable with the present situation. Their routine: go to jail for a day, bail next day, and then earn money through releasing press notes, or selling MBBS or engineering seats reserved in Pakistani colleges for the martyred kin.

Hurriyat Conference are like leech. They feed on the blood of men. They send young kashmiris to face the indian army. what sort of war is this, where lambs are sent to fight lions?

Their sons living abroad, pursuing professions other than jihad, name of one relative of syed ali shah geelani, the head of the Hurriyat conference, who is fighting the so called indian “occupation”?

His son Nayeem Geelani is a doctor in Rawalpindi and lives under the patronage of the pakistani. Zahoor his second sin lives in south delhi.

Mirwaiz umar farooq’s sister Rabia is doctor in the US. Mariyam Andrabi, sister of head of the radical Dukhtran-e-Millat, Asiya Andrabi, along with her family lives in Malaysia. Asiya’s son is also pursing profession degree from Malaysia. Every kashmiri separatists leaders daughter or son is rich and safe, outside kashmir. Jihad, stonepelting is for other peoples sons.

Now it is high time for Indian Govt to take strong action against these separatists and anti indians so that they should not have courage to insult India again!

Kashmiris young and restless, illiterate blame the security forces for killing them. But they never question the Hurriyat. No one asks Syed Ali Shah Geelani why stonepelters, jihadis are not from his famliy. If someone will go against Hurriyat, HM, LeT and other anti indian organizations. He will be no more and fake credits goes to Indian army in the eyes of kashmiris so that they constantly rage war against indians and indian army.

The Hurriyat has nothing to do with kashmiris. They are living their luxurious life outside state and some outside country. This unrest, this bloodshed is just another bussiness. If not, i would like to see the list of matyrs from the Hurriyat leaderships families.

I am also a kashmiri Muslim from Anantnag which was boiling in 2016 after the killing of a terrorist Burhan Wani why should i pelt stones on Army and J&K Police. Pakistani backed Laskar, JeM, Hurriyat and HM and other anti indian organizations are responsible for the unrest in kashmir not soldiers.

Soldiers, Police are doing their duty according to rules and regulations of Country.

If geelani, Mirwaiz (Paid Agents) want pellet guns banned then stop using others children before them and start putting your sons who live abroad while you live in Z plus Security.

If aazadi means aazadi from india but joining pakistan according to syed ali shah geelani leader of kashmiris. will the jackboots of the pakistani army not fall on the necks of kashmiris.

A soldiers’ duty is the toughest in the world and it takes immense courage to move forward with a feeling to protect and safeguard your country. The soldiers and army officers fight valiantly for our Nation and it is because of them that we feel free, secured and peaceful. It is the soldiers who do not care about their life and spend their lifetime serving the country. We are proud of the Indian army and soldiers. Think about the soldiers and officers who stay away from their families and loved ones thinking about the betterment of the nation and many of them who sacrifice their life as well. Paying homage to the martyrs and also the ones currently serving, here’s a SALUTE.

Real Aazadi for kashmiris is aazadi from poverty, unemployment, hunger, lack of healthcare etc. Did stonepelters and educated kashmiris who supported this demand if aazadi for kashmir even think of that.

"It is not enough to be brave, it is also necessary to have brains"

stonepelters, terrorists must have worked for the welfare of kashmir instead of joining mujahideen and AntiIndian protests.

If the kashmiris have a problem with indian administration, then they should convey their message in the most human and appropriate way to the indians. The people of india and not the people of pakistan or china. what the  will they do? Has any kashmiri read the indian Constitution to file a case in the  supreme court asking for your basic rights as per Constitution. In today’s scheme of things, no country will accept or even listen to negotiate or compromise with people who pickup guns and stones to describe their problems. Many indians have problems with some laws but instead of start killing they are fighting for their rights by doing ashans, dharnas and government is forced to agree to them if govt don’t agree then fight elections people of india will help you.

There is also an irreversible loss to Kashmir students due to unrest because of their antiindian policies and supporting Hurriyat and pakistan. It is golden time for stone pelters to make their future bright and give befitting reply to Hurriyat whose childrens are living outside making their future. Kashmiris future lies in the hands of India. To succeed in life one has to compete and we cannot compete with the world with illiteracy. i am requesting the kashmiris please and please ignore the Anti Indian policies of Hurriyat and pakistan. I also appeals to local terrorists of Kashmir to Surrender and live your life according to the way of your religion.

Hindus and Muslim belong to one family and one land; why should they be averse to eachother? Muslim is milk and hindu is sugar. Mix the two and enjoy the sweetness.

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