18 Entrepreneur Quotes From Bollywood Movie

Posted by jainarpit001
April 28, 2017

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The big businesses … are big because of big ideas, not because of money.
-Badmaash Company

There is a saying in our business … where there are three people, it spoils the work
-Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobara

To do business, you need to look like a businessman … no matter if you have money or not, you should look rich
-Badmaash Company

Before you claim the short term profit … you should think about the long term loss
– Sarkar

Business is not a number, business is people … only people
-Rocket Singh: Salesman Of The Year

Growth in business is achieved by completing commitments … not by being sneaky

People look at the goods … not the shop
– The Dirty Picture

I don’t know how to play golf … neither do I play in the horse race … but I am a strong player in my business

Sir, I am a businessman … I spend everything very cautiously

When blood and sweat are printed together on a paper … when the table becomes the bed and the office becomes the home … when hunger forgets the thirst … then a company is made
-Rocket Singh: Salesman Of The Year

A partnership happens not only in profit … but in loss also
-36 China Town

Small people trade … big people do business
– Khel

If you are making a product which has demand today … then you’re late … a product should be something which will be in demand tomorrow
-Ajab Gazabb Love

The biggest person in this world is called a customer … and no one will ask a customer for his name, or his religion … a customer is neither Hindu, nor a Muslim … he is only the God of every business
-Black & White

Someones profit is someones loss … someones loss is someones profit … this is what is called as the world

A deal is not done with money, it’s done with a brain

Even Spiderman has to take risk … I am only a salesman
-Rocket Singh: Salesman Of The Year

Time, be it good or bad … one day it will definitely change
-Badmaash Company

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