500 Girls. 1 Day. 1 Story Of Poorna

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April 7, 2017

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I am Megha Sharma Bhagat, a social impact worker and human rights lawyer who wants to provide kick ass young role models to young girls!

I am determined to take 500 young girls from marginalised communities to watch Poorna, the story of a 13 year old tribal girl from Telangana who summited the Mt Everest last year. These young girls need positive role models closer to their age and the story of this young achiever will not only inspire but will ignite a fire in their belly to believe that ‘Girls can do Anything’.

I took 50 girls to the movie screening two days ago and what I saw blew me away! Every time the young protagonist of the movie took a decision of grit and determination, the girls cheered on and the sheer unabashed energy I saw on their faces post the movie reinstated my belief that MORE GIRLS SHOULD WATCH THE MOVIE. 500 girls coming from the fringes of society in Bangalore will watch the movie together in one day that will leave young minds with so many determined impressions!

I grew up in a world where I was constantly looking for girls who were doing bad ass things in the world and I couldn’t find them in the films I saw. As i started growing up I learned that my life seemed to an inspiration to the girl who was my age but came from an underprivileged home! I learned that a young girl draws inspiration from someone her age who she believes has done cool things!

While we talk about the impressions of films and music on the young minds there is a need to provide young girls, especially the girls from marginalised communities, positive role models of their age on and off the screens! While hollywood may still have some amazing role models for young girls, Indian media, unfortunately, lacks such films and Poorna is our opportunity to pave the path for such films.

I will be sharing with you the amazing zeal, the energy, the pre and post discussions with the girls , LIVE, on my facebook page, for you to see the immediate impact. I would also be setting up conversations with the organisations from where these girls will come to organise follow up voluntary visits by any of the donors:)

I want you to join me in taking these 500 girls to watch Poorna. You can sponsor a ticket here: https://www.bitgiving.com/500girls4poornamovie

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