7 Myths About Learning A Foreign Language

Posted by Shiksha Chhabra
April 4, 2017

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Learning a foreign language is becoming like jumping on the bandwagon. Every other person wants to learn a second language, but have you thought what restricts them? It’s nothing other than Myths and Misconceptions. Everywhere we go there are fallacies all around, so is the case with learning a new language.
I asked few of my friends who are attaining a language that what delusions they had at the beginning of their course. 7 myths which I discovered during my research are revealed through this article.

Myth #1
It’s very tough, I don’t have a knack for language.
Learning a language can be a real struggle. It is not my cup of tea. All these excuses have refrained people from learning it. When you were a kid taking the first step was really a Herculean’s task for you but you tried. You started walking by taking smaller steps and gradually you find it interesting. You started practicing it daily and now you are perfect. It is the same with a language. You will find it hard but by fits and starts you will feel it as a cakewalk.

Myth #2
It’s just an advantage to our CV.
Of course, a language adds a feather to your cap. Most of the people are engrossed just for the sake of having an amelioration to their CVs. But this misconception isn’t true. It not only makes your resume look good but also grooms your personality to a greater extent. So, stop learning for the sake of learning and start shaping your personality by exploring it.

Myth #3
A new language? It’s too expensive!
70% of the people are living with this mindset. The financial reason has ruined many dreams but here is the good news for all those people. We are living in the 21st century where nothing is impossible. You can learn it at your home, at your own pace, and with zero investment. Yes, you heard it right. All you need to do is to subscribe to all the newsletters, download the apps and watch youtube videos. If you are regular no one can stop you from having a command to an all new language.

Myth #4
Have you seen my age? I am too old for it.
A myth in which everyone believes is that children can learn faster than adults. Do you know several pieces of research have proved that adults can grasp faster than them? The reason is as simple as your illusion. A child is in a habit of speaking short phrases and has limited vocabulary whereas adults are more proficient with vocabulary and can easily adapt to the changes.

Myth #5
Relying on a single study method.
Blaming mentors rather than blaming yourself? Yes, this is the reason if you rely on a single study method. Be open to every approach that comes your way. It requires time and efforts. Until and unless you take interest and start exploring the culture of people of that language, enhancing your skills through various mediums and stop depending only on your mentors believe me you will never enjoy the beauty of the language.

Myth #6
I can never be a fluent speaker
Fluency in a foreign language? It’s not in my blood! A cliché which most of us are used to hear. Even I had the same answer but I took the challenge and promised myself to have fluency with correctness. The only thing that you need to do is Spend 15 minutes daily with yourself and listen to the CDs. You will have dexterity about the accents and pronunciation. Bit by bit, start adding more to this by practicing in front of the mirror, with your colleagues, your mentors etc.

Myth #7
I am a beginner and I am bound to make mistakes.
This is as easy as saying I am too younger to understand it so it’s OK if I make mistakes. Errors are a part of learning process and therefore you can’t eliminate it completely, but you can speak and write with very few mistakes. The key to this is “Input is more important than Output.” If you keep an eye on every detail, compare the sentence structure with your native language, speak the correct phrase no matter if it takes the time you will make practically no mistake.

So people what are you waiting for ? Go get yourself indulge in any of the foreign languages that enthrall you the most. As said by greatest writer Paulo Coelho: ” One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you have always wanted. Do it Now.”

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