7 Quintessential Gym Essentials for Beginners

Posted by yupcard
April 4, 2017

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No pain, no gain, shut up and train.

Today, fitness and workout occupy a chunk of our minds, even our lives. The motivation received from your gym-freak friend may have compelled you to enrol for a gym membership. But, do you think it is enough to keep you going? Hitting the gym is crucial, but gym essentials are elementary.

However, you want to lift weights at the gym, but not on your way to it. An edited-gym bag will lessen your load while keeping you tenacious. Here, check out the following stuffs that might curb the pangs of laziness, which engulfs you occasionally.

Say yes to flattering Leggings

Want to get all sweaty at the gym? Grab a well-fit pair of comfortable leggings. Keep it trendy, but simple. Looking cool is ok, but be sure not to go too flashy. Remember, while picking your leggings, don’t forget to check that they aren’t see-through. What can be worse than wearing transparent leggings! Also, prep up for the squat test.

Protein powder – a powerhouse of nutrient

THE BFF of every muscle! This super-powerful powder ensures your muscles receive its food to help you derive the most from your arduous gym sessions.

Quenching thirst – Water bottle

Say no to water fountains! Because a large number of people drink from such water fountains, the chances of being contaminated with bacteria are high. The best way to eliminate such risks is to carry a water bottle. Just that, wash it thoroughly post workout.

Let the music play – iPods are a must

Everyone needs a dose of reverberating music on those slack days. Charge your iPod, clog your ears with headphones and hit the treadmill. The groovy tunes will surely push you through the last segment of your workout.

Keep a count of your heartbeats – Heart rate monitor

Wearing a heart rate monitor during workouts allow you to keep a tab on your heart rate. How good you are in cardio training? Wanna know? Just glance at your monitor and accurately track your heart rate.

Train yourself with trainers

ALWAYS invest in a pair of well-gripped trainers. Injuries inflicted upon while working out are unavoidable. But, with a suitable pair of supportive trainers, you can at least lessen the impact. So, go for comfy trainers and happy sports-luxe days!

With little loops, take bigger steps – Mini bands

Cheap, easy-to-use and easy to tuck inside, mini bands are a killer! They are perfect to tone your muscle and make the workout a bit intense and productive. Use it the way you like and make your glutes sturdier.

Hope the above-mentioned gym essentials persuade you to acquire healthy workout habits. Be Fit and Fab (while shedding that extra fat)!

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