8 Airlines Baggage Tips For A Happy Travel

Posted by Aahna A. Sharma in Society
April 21, 2017

Deciding what to carry on your air travels is a significant decision. It should be done in accordance with what you will need during your trip, as well as the items that are allowed or banned by your airlines. We list here a few general guidelines that can help you avoid any baggage hassles:

1. Customise the look of your bag so that you don’t confuse it with any other similar bag, and it is easy to spot on the baggage carousel.

2. Airlines do not allow objects such as lighters, scissors, other sharp objects and tools and any sporting goods. Any such objects, if found during the screening of your bags, will be confiscated by the authorities. This may raise unnecessary suspicions and scrutiny against you.

3. Protect your belongings with a travel insurance. Checked-in luggage is exposed to delay and is even lost at times. In such a scenario, a travel insurance saves you from any hassles that you might face. In case your luggage is delayed, your company will provide assistance in getting your belongings back. It will also pay for the essentials you may need till you receive your bags. If your luggage is lost, your insurance company will reimburse the full cost of your items.

4. Keep the stub of your checked luggage carefully, as you will require it to prove that you own a bag, in the case of a missing luggage.

5. As checked-in luggage is at risk of delay/loss, it is highly advisable to carry all your valuables like documents and electronics in your cabin bag.

6. Put your contact information on all your checked-in bags. Also, keep an itinerary of your plan in it, so that identifying the owner of the bag becomes easy for the airlines.

7. Weigh your bags in advance. The hustle of balancing the weight between two bags or paying extra are both straining. Most of the airports provide the facility of weighing your bags before you go to the counter.

8. Read your airline’s policy. These specifications might differ from airlines to airlines, and hence it is important to be familiar with the one you are travelling with.


Image Source: Matthew Hurst/ Flickr