9 Jugaad apps that you should have: Cus Backpacking

Posted by Vimal Mohan
April 26, 2017


Backpacking is not just about wearing a fancy bag and throwing in some hiking shorts and heading off to the jungles, equipped with a camp and positive spirits. It’s about Jugaad, it’s about how you can get things done when the need arises.

And to help you become the Baap of Jugaad, we have come up with a list of apps that will get things done without actually spoiling your backpacking mood. That said, we haven’t listed an app that helps you build a camp or make fire. You’re on your own their buddy.



This one might seem a little desperate, but why not. If you’re venturing into places unknown and are looking forward to meeting someone for some quality time :-p, then this one might come handy. Don’t judge yourself if you have this already, or if you install this anytime soon. The world is now digital and so is the dating scene.



Taking a cab to the airport and back would have been the ideal cases during a backpacking trip, cuz, you’re supposed to walk, take the bus, or even hitch a ride. That’s why it’s called backpacking and not a luxury vacation. That said, you never know when you might need in times of need. Don’t let go of that app.


splitwiseMoney is essential when going as a herd, it’s essential that you keep a track of where money is going and who is spending how much. Why do you ask? Cus, there is a chance that a fight might stir up cus of this, and this alone is enough to poison your atmosphere. So, split it. Apps like these keeps track of your expenditure and all you need to do is, use your phone.



mapsThis sounds redundant, isn’t it? Well, it has made the list for a reason. It’s always better to be informed and who else’s better than Maps can be the better guide. Tourists are overcharged, cheated or even threatened, but this does not happen if you’re informed. So, know the topography of the place you’re going to and get to the right destinations without getting lost.

If This Then That:

iftttThis sounds like a script from Java or C++.  The functionality seems a little inclined to it too. This app helps you pre-program what one action should result to and where. For example you can automatically save the maps of places you’ve been to a spreadsheet. Or you link your maps to Tumblr. This is just the beginning, and this is how skynet becomes real :-p


Live Trekker:

live-trekkerSo now you’re inspired by the movie ‘Into the wild’ and are wandering into the world of jungles of Kasol, or Tosh, Or Malana for that reason. You’d still know how to get to know from point A to Point B. And this gets difficult as in jungles, my fellow backpacker, there is no internet connectivity, and Maps isn’t that efficient. This is where Live Trekker steps in, you can go through the jungles and still be on track while feeling like Christopher McCandless.


paytmWith demonetization in effect, getting cash from ATMs is still a task. So, hold on your notes and be stingy with them. The silver lining to this is that most of the country is now accepting payments from Paytm. So, if you have this sorted, you can literally go cashless.



couch surfingThis is an app that has been designed for Jugaad travellers by Jugaad travellers. With this app, you can have someone host you when you’re travelling. This is a great way to meet new people and learn a lot about their cultures and lifestyles. This is what backpacking is about, isn’t it? Getting out of your comfort zone to know the unknown.


foodIt’s always good to get good food delivered. And who better than the experts. Get food ordered at the convenience of your hotel room. Try new cuisines and don’t forget to try out the recommendations.


If god forbid, you loose your phone or it gets damaged, you can always look out for price comparison websites like BestPriceOn to get the best deals on phones.

So, this was our list of apps that can let you make the most of Jugaad. If you think we’ve missed a few. Let us know. For, Jugaad never ends.

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