A Girl In A New City

Posted by Anita Pradhan
April 28, 2017

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A girl in a new city

Every ending has a new beginning and change is the law of nature. She realized it when she took a decision to move to a new city for a new beginning, a beginning of a independence and practicality.  Moving is a unique experience no matter what people say, but moving to a” new city” is something entirely different. The sun, the moon, the stars and of course the gravitational force, all remain the same , the only thing which changes is the city, both the city has some similarities, the blue sky which is not at all blue because of pollution and the fresh air which you hardly find, the only difference which she witnesses is the place and people which seems so familiar. But all of a sudden it looks like a stranger. New people, new place, new street, new room and new lifestyle though. Both the cities are metropolitan and very open minded in matter of opportunity and acceptance. The matter of shifting to another city is not a big issue when viewed from distance but for her it changed her entire way of living, her daily schedule got rescheduled with a sense of strictness and punctuality. Her easy and chilled life routine got discipline. Though it was a positive change but she hesitated to accept it and wished that if some miracle happens, got back the previous life and can stay to her familiar place, where she was living for the past few years. The precious years of her life which has given her so much experiences, no matter good or bad, her education, some good relations and last but not the least, the identity of being herself. Getting adapted to a new place is the hardest thing for her and all the transformation witnessed by her is not a big issue when looked from distance but for her, it changed her entire life and she entered a new world of complications, duties and responsibilities. Her easy and jolly behavior turned into serious and mature,  which she hated the most . On one hand, a sense of independence she achieved and on the other hand, the loneliness and complexity she received, both are different sides of the same coin. Whenever she deboards the local train, she thinks and misses her old life and the everyday routine. The dim street light makes her remember peaceful and funny days and the blowing air gives her a sense of relief and familiarity. Life is full of surprises and new awakenings. And then all of a sudden she wakes up in the middle and realizes  that it  is just a dream, which is seldom turn into truth  and remember the closing lines of her favorite poem ” And miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep.”

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