A plan for your child like no other!

Posted by hoze menon
April 18, 2017

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Education plays a very important role in today’s world. With continuous amendments and laws providing free education to children, parents always want the best for their children. However, the best can be very expensive in most cases and a salaried job cannot produce funds for the same. But here’s a solution that can help you plan your little one’s future. Presenting to you, Child Plans, a systematic two way plan that financially supports your child’s future along with the turning points in his/her life like marriage, or a higher education. These kinds of plans are also known as Child Insurance plans. Each plan offers you a variety of options you can choose from.

Why should you start looking at a plan for your child?

  1. Guaranteeing a higher education: Most parents expect their children to study in a decent school, or study higher with the best MBA around. Such expenses can cause parents to spend a huge portion of their savings on the same. Child plans, help you plan your child’s future in the most efficient way. The amount you would receive at the end of your plan, would reduce the expenditure from your savings to a considerable extent.
  2. Medical cover: In case of a medical history in the family, it is best advised to look at Child Insurance Plans for your child when he/she is young and fit. In times of medical emergencies, financial support would be provided for your child.
  3. A smart investment: In today’s ever-changing world, costs are increasing by the minute. Education is getting expensive, there is exorbitant rent on properties and so on. Hence, you have to be sure of what you want your child’s future to be like. Calculate the amount you would need by taking inflation into account. Once you do so, you can choose a plan best suited for your child’s needs. You will soon develop the habit of paying regular premiums and creating a future for your child.

Loan collateral: A child insurance policy is also taken as a collateral at banks and other lenders while processing a personal or educational loan.

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