A Real Story: Train Journey in 17005/Hyderabad Deccan – Raxaul Express

Posted by Amit Thakur
April 2, 2017

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I was traveling to Hyderabad to Muzaffarpur Bihar in Train 17005/Hyderabad Deccan – Raxaul Express (PT) on 9 Feb 2017 with My Brother and Brother-in-low for my Marriage. My Brothers got sleep for few minutes around at 3:00 AM (In Dhanbad) and thief has cut the steel chain and took the travel bag. I lost my all certificate Class 8th to MCA and My Brother 10th & B.tech 1s Year certificate, 1TB Hard Disk, Smartphone, 1 Data Card, Cloths, Etc.  I twite to railway helpline. The Social Media Team has done great job, they send RPF to us. But the RPF is helpless, because they don’t know anybody and they ask to me put F.I.R. . I don’t know what to do? They only suggest put F.I.R. to your last stop, Means Samastipur. I reach there; RPF came to us and took us G.R.P.

Some Question in My Mind

  1. Why? Railway doesn’t have all seller details.
  2. Why? Railway Allow Unauthorized People to reservation bogie.
  3. Why? Railway Police is not able to control Thief. People say that “all chori Railway Police ke madad se hoti hai” is it true? If no, then how many FIR solve by them?
  4. Why? TTC or RPF allow local seller in train. People say because” they get paid by them”. If yes, then why government is able to stop this corruption by giving a pass with ID.

Feel Big Fool in Samastipur G.R.P.

In my life big funny tinny thing happen in Samastipur G.R.P..  I feel, myself a big fool to after reaching there. I ask to put the F.I.R.. They asked to write the F.I.R. on blank paper. I said that I don’t know how to write. He assigns an officer (I don’t remember his name but he is fat guy). He start saying and I was writing, In b/w start talking to other officer bla bla things. If I ask, He was staring me like I took his food, He scold me “ fool don’t know how to write”, Etc. At last he runaway and my FIR Application is in middle only.

Now, Called Bara Babu Officer Came with illegal wine and a press reporter. Press Conference starts and they ask to me go outside. I sit two hour, again I went and ask for FIR. The officer said, FIR! Come tomorrow, today not possible. I request him, Please help after two days my marriage event. Officer suggest me to file a Snaha, your work will get finished today only.  Again, He asks to fatty officer to suggest the Snaha Application. But I feel, he doesn’t know difference between FIR & Snaha, at last surrenders. Then, Again I reach to Precious officer ask for suggestion. He starts scolding to fatty officer  “taking 50k Salary and doesn’t know how to suggest a application”. At last I wrote a Application in Two hour.  The Application went to Bara Babu. He signed and asked to officer take postal registry charge. Office stamp and he try to ask me money, but RPF officer came and asked work is finished. He said yes, and he took document and said to me “come with me”.

Some Question in My Mind

  • Why? It’s too difficult to file a FIR or GRP is not Taking FIR
  • Why? All Fees are not public like Postal registry
  • Why? GRP system (They are not helping)


Open Corruption in Railway:Found While Travailing Samastipur To Muzaffarpur


After that, I was ready to go Muzaffarpur. I bought general class ticket but it’s too busy (So many people). I went to TTC and Said I want to go in reservation bogie. He said that give me Rs.50, I given three tickets then he asked Rs.150. I paid Rs.150 and he write on ticket extra paid. I though he will give slip like south India, but not. I thought railway rule got change. In Train TTC came asking ticket, I show him. He asked, It’s general ticket what you are doing here. I said, I pay extra but he is not accepting that. At that time other TTC came and I call him and asked “I paid you but he is asking for money”. He accepts that I paid him and then he allows and Lastly I Reach to Muzaffarpur.

  • Why? Gov. Don’t have control on these TTC corruption (Full railway is under the gov.).



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