Kalikho Pul’s Suicide Note Exposes The Dirty Underbelly Of India’s Executive And Judiciary

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April 26, 2017

Kalikho Pul, the former chief minister (CM) of Arunachal Pradesh, was often termed as a depressed person. This was evident from his 60-page note, “Mere Vichaar (My Ideas)”, which he left behind after committing suicide in his bungalow on August 9, 2016.

However, this was not his first attempt at suicide. He had earlier attempted to do so in the 1980s.

That aside, his note has rocked the Indian government, and more so, the judiciary that boasts of its independence and unbiased nature. Pul’s suicide note clearly mentions the names of top government officials and Chief Justices who, in the garb of judiciary and executive duties, sabotaged India’s democratic principles for money.

As per Pul’s note, Arunachal Pradesh received a loan of ₹200 crore in 2009. He was asked by the erstwhile chief minister, Dorjee Khandu, to deliver ₹6 crore to the then finance minister Pranab Mukherjee (now the President of India) at a particular address.

Between 2015 and 2016, Pul stayed in New Delhi for 13 months. He met eminent Congress leaders like V Narayanasamy, Kamal Nath, Salman Khurshid and Ghulam Nabi during his stay. But he was unable to meet Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, according to the note.

Pul also states that V Narayanasamy had asked for ₹110 crore and party funds as well, through his personal staff. Pul also alleges that Kamal Nath demanded a sum of ₹130 crore from him, through three other people. He also states that even Kapil Sibal asked for ₹9 crore from him.

Will the ex-Arunachal Pradesh CM, Kalikho Pul, receive due justice?

In the note, he expresses his deep discontent with Congress. He also says that he did not find any hope or solace in either politics or Congress. However, he states that his government adhered to all the existing rules and regulations.

Pul confesses that only the judges and lawyers of Guwahati High Court were not influenced by Congress politicians. He goes on to say that he never expected a judge of the Supreme Court (SC) to be bought over with money. The SC had allegedly asked for ₹86 crore from him to judge the case in his favour.

Moreover, Kalikho alleges that Virender Khehar, the youngest son of Justice Khehar, had also demanded ₹49 crore from him. Pul even accuses Justice Dipak Misra’s brother of demanding ₹37 crore from him. Pul also went on to accuse the SC of being a puppet of the above-mentioned people.

Pul also accuses Sonia Gandhi of trying to lure Kapil Sibal by offering him a seat in the legislature. Pul says that this allowed Sibal to fight Nabam Tuki’s case, which he won by bribing lawyers and judges. Apparently, this is also the reason why Kapil Sibal is now a member of Parliament (MP).

“In my entire political career of 23 years, I have seen that the judiciary is a puppet of the Congress. On July 12, 2016, I was told that if I was able to fulfill Kapil Sibal’s demand of ₹9 crore, the case would be deferred for a month and that the court hearing could be in my favour only after I was able to pay another ₹77 crore. This was the time when I gave up on this case,” Pul writes in his note.“On this day, July 25, Ram Avatar is asking me to bribe Justice Khehar with ₹31 crore.”

“I want to ask when will the people awaken and rise! When will the people stop getting lured by politician’s money, alcohol and expensive car rides? The truth is that people themselves want to remain ignorant and fall into the pit of corrupt leaders. All I can do is tell people the truth. However, the decision still rests with the people,” Pul writes.

To this day, Kalikho Pul’s widow, Dangwimsai Pul has been trying to file a FIR based on the allegations of the note. In the meantime, she has also written a fresh letter to the SC asking for details. Reportedly, it asks questions such as: “Whether decision on the administrative side as reported in The Indian Express was indeed taken, and if so, a copy thereof be supplied”, and “Whether the Registry had requested the CJI to place the letter before an appropriate judge, which would mean Justice Chelameswar, being the senior-most judge available, for action on the letter?”.

Even though the veracity of this note (which casts doubt on the credibility of the Indian executive and judiciary) is yet to be proved, it needs to be taken seriously, given the circumstances under which it was written. Only time will tell whether the judiciary, whose credibility has been besmirched by a suicide note, will render justice to a man who claims to have walked the path of righteousness.

You can read the entire text of the suicide note here: Kalikho Pul’s Suicide Note.


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