A Young President For India

Posted by Yogesh Jain
April 4, 2017

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Young President for India in 2017

After the election for state governments comes another important event in the nation – Election of the next President of India. The next President of India will be elected before 25th July 2017. At this point, we can’t possibly confirm who would become the next President of India. But we sure can voice our opinion on the must have qualities in the next President of our country.

If we look at our history, the youngest president in India was Mr. Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, aged 64. India being a youth nation with 41 percent population below the age of 20 needs youth to represent its nation. President being the first citizen of the country should be a leader who would motivate young minds to make an impact. As the young president of India, he can use his powers more accurately to bring power to the youth of the nation. Below are some reasons in favor of a Young President for India in 2017.

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Motivate Youth:

A young President in India will motivate youth to step up for their nation. He will work as an inspiration for young achievers and inspire them to become leaders themselves. India needs a young president for representing the youth of their nation. A young leader would motivate, guide, inspire and mentor us.

Better representation of the nation:

India is the youngest nation in the world. With 356 million people between the age of 10-24 years of age, India is by far the youngest nation. Being so, we need a president for India who is young and understands the mindset of the youth of the nation. A Young leader can be the powerhouse of the nation whether in foreign countries or in India.

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Energy in the nation:

A young motivated leader as the president of India would bring a new wave of energy in the nation. He can be an example setter for all those who believe in themselves. People can look up to him as an achiever and influencer of the nation. He can have a holistic approach towards the nation and he can become very close to the youth of the nation.

With power comes the responsibility and thus the person who gets appointed as the president must be a great leader, responsible and balanced. He should have good communication and negotiation skills and should have the will to work in service of the nation. A young president for India can be the voice of the youth of the nation as thus it should be given due consideration.

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