Aam Aadmi Party! Are You Serious!

Posted by Pradeep Tyagi
April 26, 2017

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Today, after the result of MCD elections, we once again found AAP leaders singing the same song after losing horribly: “It was an EVM wave, not a Modi wave.”

I understand their frustration, but the real question is – “Is there really any tampering with the EVM machines?

The PC by Mr. Manish Shisodia was no more surprise to me but he raised a point and quoted that in 2009 Mr. GVL Narasimha Rao of BJP submitted an affidavit in apex court of India i.e. Supreme court that tampering is possible in the EVMs and has also produced the evidences to the court. That makes me a little doubtful about it. I too felt that there is a need of fair probe on this but I presume that it will be a age long process and by the time; when the actual picture gets cleared it may be another party ruling the country. By any chance BJP completed the probe with in their tenure AAPians again say it was not a fair probe. If the investigation gets completed after BJP not in power they will say it was not a fair probe/investigation. You know how THE INDIAN POLITICS IS!.

I feel this should be dealt other way around and as a solution; You as Delhiites must come forward and raise your voice in favor of BJP or against.

Lets run a campaign where people can sign in favour of or against BJP.

What will be take out of this entire process?

We will be able to identify good politics or bad politics and get a crystal clear picture for genuine political party.

Case 1 if majority of the people from Delhi signs against BJP, we will solidify AAP’s voice and must say that BJP has won by manuplating the EVMs.

Case 2 where majority of the people from Delhi signs in favor of  BJP, we will disrupt the AAP’s allegation and must vote against AAP in future elections for creating nussance and doesn’t have any solid grounds to allegations.

My friends from Delhi can we groupup and run this campaign for better future of our country.

Please vote and volunteer!!!


Pradeep Tyagi

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