Ac Busses A Boon To Mumbaikars..why Sudden Halt Making A Nightmare.

Posted by Abhijit Ajay Sinha
April 28, 2017

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Mumbai..Morning and Mid Night..remains same,..Same spirit same movement same pace…But No space..Yes in this fast moving life we need space..We mean

“Men and women.”

I have been  living in Mumbai for last 15 years .Have seen many shades of this amazing city. The Glitters and and Upsets too..For last couple of days I have seen women has been fuming ,really irritated and restless as They are finding very difficult in travelling from Mira Road to Andheri..It has been Nightmare for reaching on time and same to reach back Home.

The life is stretch and strained due to this tiring Journey.

Working Women – If I can have liberty,I would like to quote working Women are mirror image of Spirit of Mumbai..They could be any one,Women in corporate,factories,Police,Court,BPO,media,Film industry, or may ..any one You can separate them by profession ,income or whatever but the Fact is they all are women

Ac busses are best comfortable,affordable and secure mode of transport for people from Middle class specially for women.

It’s a boon not only in this unbearable Heat but also rain and all year.

A sudden halt has affected 20000 commuters which is a sizable number..When we are in new development phase,we should encourage such public transport.this will reduce traffic congession,pollution and give mumbaikars a decent quality life..More and more people should be encouraged..

Everyone is aware of Difficulty of getting auto and taxi.even many times Ola and uber not available..Boarding train specially in western track in office hours is really a challanging task.and in Rainy season things get worst.

Are we not doing unjustice to Mumbaikars.

I appeal all Political parties.I have tweeted to CM also.I request all Mumbaikars to take this issue further.

My Humble request to BMC and Best to revoke the decision and continue AC busses.Its matter of Developing Mumbai.its for our pride and Comfort for all specially women of our houses..

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