Adamkhor Kutte

Posted by Amaan Javed
April 10, 2017

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Place : Civil Hospital, Lucknow

Room no. 14 – Anti-Rabies Room

Everyday more than 100 people get Anti-Rabies injection due to dog bite, mostly by street dogs. That too when these doctors just stay there from 9am to 2 pm i.e 5 hours, imagine the count if they sit till the evening.

If we include other hospitals, government and private and also those people who are not aware enough to get themselves vaccinated after the dog bite the number would cross 500 victims of dog bite per day that too solely in the capital city, forget about the rural and semi rural areas.

Recently a woman in early sixties broke her hand by falling down because she was chased by street dogs living in the colony.

Children of that colony are so menaced by the presence of  so many street dogs that they do not come out to play.

A friend of mine took his mother for a ride on his new bike after dinner and was chased by street dogs, his mother almost fell down from the bike.

These are few incidents that I have witnessed myself and there must be numerous others that I don’t know about.

Guys ! Please raise your voice against the ever increasing population of street dogs and the rising street violence and threat posed by them.

These dogs can attack our parents who have gone for a walk after dinner or even for a morning walk, our wives who might be sitting on our bikes and going to have ice creams at night, our children who might just be playing or going to schools and coachings.

Please take some action.


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