Ages Apart

Posted by mitracolony
April 4, 2017

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The concept of Ram-Rajya is not a new found one. Our leading party did not invent the concept. They were not the first ones to re-invent it even. A few decades ago, M.K. Gandhi too toiled under the perspective of establishing ‘Ram-Rajya’ in an India ruled by Brits.

“Perspective” is one of my favourite words.  Anything you say, no matter how absurd or obscure it may be , can always be neutralised by saying “It is only my perspective”.

Funny thing is , when politicians share their “perspectives” with the general public , they make it seem less like point-of-view and more like the only way to view a matter.

Politicians are by profession forceful and even if they speak truth (at times they may) they need to over-emphasise it as a habit.

The concept of ‘Ram Rajya’ has been familiar to India through thousands of years and yet can be relevant to Bharat today too. However, in our lust to generalise let’s not forget that this is simply not Treta Yug and our politicians (MPs, MLAs ) are driven by Votes and not by ideals.

In a hurry to revive Ram Chandra’s dream let us not jump the reality of Dwapar where brothers fought brothers in the fratricidal  Kurukshetra grounds. Even if it is true that Ram’s kingdom is the epitome of of state-level achievement, let us not forget it did not outlast it’s own time.

Bringing back horse-drawn carriages could reduce pollution to a great extent but it would not necessarily check all the other boxes that a more modern vehicle provides. It is a good alternative to combat pollution but maybe not a good enough one in practice , is it ?

This is my humble perspective. Do let me know how you might look into evolving back in times, when things were all golden.




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