All India Bakchod Member Calls A Northeastern Girl Chinki.

Posted by Mohammed Anas
April 6, 2017

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This is why I stopped watching AIB. They function on the logic that “stage pe gaali do hazaaro bewakoof hasengey.”

According to the members of this group, comedy isn’t comedy if it does not contain profanity in every single line. Their creativity can be summed up in two lines. These are the best two lines they can come up with (without using profanity).

If the jokes would’ve been funny, I would’ve laughed but it didn’t contain any sarcasm, all they did was mock sensitive issues like rascism to northeasts, body shaming and child molestion.

1-Ashish Sakhya is darker than space.

2-Tanmay Bhatt’s diameter is more than that of sun.

Their infamous AIB Roast was a great example of how creative they can be. Yes, roasts are very popular in the Western world but do we really have to copy everything they do? Show some creativity, originality and we are ready to listen to you. But their content is not the only problem. I mean, just look at Tanmay Bhatt’s twitter account. Disrespecting everyone is his birthright. His tweets are sexist and racist. Have a look at these tweets. They are absolutely disgusting. I do not know how people can enjoy things like these in the name of comedy and modernity.


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