An Indian’s Opinion On Comment Made By Snapchat’s Ceo

Posted by Ãbhîshëk ßhàkât
April 18, 2017

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Before reading this let me make you clear i am not a snapchat supporter neither i have downloaded and uninstalled this’s just my personnel opinion being a citizen of this country.

so firstly i want to ask a question to all.Will uninstalling this app provide food and support to the people below poverty level?

secondly people making comments out there in social media showing their intense nationalism just want  them to ask yourself what they have done for their country till now?

why is trolling people so important for us?if that statement hurt us so much where is our nationalism when  many people are dying of hunger everyday,when we indulge ourselves in bribery activities,where is our nationalism when we are taking subsidy on commodities.

instead of trolling people we should start thinking how to make this place a better nation so that nobody points out our country is are some facts mentioned below:-

*As per the world bank reports we contribute 20.6% share of world’s poor out of 195 countries.

*Almost 1 in every 5 people are extremely poor.

so its upon you to decide and think whether to flood social media with trolling comments or to bring a change to this nation and show them who we are.


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