An Open Letter To The National News Channels of India

Posted by Suchismita Das
April 14, 2017

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Dear National News Channels,

What sin have we done ? Is it because Hindi is not our primary language ? Or you don’t think our states can make headlines ?

Our beloved country India has 29 states and 7 union territories.All of them adhere to the federal ways of Indian government with a strong centre which is of course based in the Capital ,New Delhi. However, one particular part seems to rule over all other parts of India in making headlines.

By now ,you must have known the reason for my open letter.You also know very well your role in the same thing.

That’s right. I want to ask why Uttar Pradesh and Delhi  . I know the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and I am very much aware of  the strategic location of Uttar Pradesh in Indian Politics.

With a strong 2.6 million population I also respect the sentiments of UPwalein.

But, my question is – Why other states are not deemed as important as UP or Delhi by the national news channels ? Whatever the medium of language may be,Hindi or English ,people like me all over India often find the leading news channels, be it Aaj Tak or India Tv or Times Now, to be filled with news from certain (chosen if I may say) parts only.As if other parts don’t even exist.

Here,take this for example.It’s been only a few days since Yogi Adityanath became the CM of Uttar Pradesh. Every news channel went bersek to report every tiny detail of his political events.That too with 24×7 coverages. It was okay since his appointment came as a shock to everybody but that didn’t mean that the national capital got shifted to Lucknow and UP became the New India.

Sometimes I feel that if someone sneezes in Baranasi that too is a national news. States like Odisha ( yeah ,that poor one !)  come to lime light only when some tragedy befalls on them.Not to mention the sorry presence of North Eastern states and Southern states in national news. Matters relating to these states hardly make it to the Breaking News . Every time I open TV to know the matters of the country ,I am met with either the political instability in UP or Kejriwal having a tweeter war with some other politician. I switch channels to know the status of other states only to realize later that I can never find a different news in any other channel since all of them are competing to stay ahead . Sometimes I think regional channels show more national news than the so called big electronic medias of national level .

India is not restricted

Most of the national news channels are in Hindi but that’s not the problem.

to its northern parts only.And news comes from all directions. When will you learn this and show us that you justify your existences as national news agencies ? 

I am waiting for that day when the true essence of Indian news channels wil be displayed on our tv channels i.e to provide citizens with unbiased and rightful news as the fourth pillars of democracy.

Sincerely yours

A disappointed viewer who doesn’t belong to North India.


P.S – I have nothing against UP and Delhi.Names taken as references only.

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