Anarchism- A Tool

Posted by singh akhil
April 18, 2017

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Anarchism the latest and the widest tool being used in the Indian politics nowadays.

Having a doubt in your mind let’s get an idea Indian army goes in the enemy state to conduct a surgical strike and as always comes with another feather in their hat but the most shameless act is coming out respected politicians are asking for proof. The most sensible state goes under polling and NDA wins the battle then questions are raised on the EVM yes you can do that​ obviously you’ll do that because there comes one impression factor which is everyone is having their right to express and why not disrespecting the national election commission or questioning the army why can’t we do that we will do that because we’re having full right to say our own thinking no matter how offensive​ that is or how idiotic that is.

Anarchism a tool growing widely and openly in Indian politics.

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