And That’s How I Know Destiny.

Posted by Shruty_Yadav18
April 4, 2017

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    It was like any other ordinary summer evening.It was the month of september,the dull and monotonous summer breaks.I had just been out of boarding school.Boarding school had been my first home ever since for some weird reason my mother had put me in one after completion of my 5th year in my previous school,St.Michael’s high school.Ofcourse I had cried,a lot!Pleaded my mother not to send me to that unknown city,amongst so many other hopeless kids high in their own world.Losing all these great friends whom I had known ever since I had first stepped into that school when I was just 6.How could one not feel bad of leaving if one had such great people,tje first ever people I had known since I had started discovering the world outside the four walls of my house but now,these people would be all left back while I would be soon arriving at some hell hole boarding school.Little did I know,that this school of my childhood would never let me forget it.Seven years later,I’m thankful that I had been to a school with such great people,I got my bestfriend,the greatest friends and the love of mine,all of them from that very school.I had left,but they never forgot that girl who always participate in like every darned thing from drawing competetions to dancing in front of hundreds of people in the school annual function,that was how people remember me back in michael’s.Thanks to my mother who had the pivotal role in constantly pushing me to participate in all those things.Atleast that is how people still remember this girl probably.

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