Are they lifeless?

Posted by Madhu Bhagat
April 9, 2017

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Everybody is here to live with full of freedom. There shouldn’t be any discrimination on the basis of race, gender and sexual orientation. In the article 14 of our constitution it is written that everybody has a right to live their life with equality, there is abolition of untouchability and titles, but it is not followed by common people. If same gender attract with each other, people don’t like them. They don’t consider them a part of their country. They start hating them and try to kill through their cold thoughts.

There are so many examples, we see or read in our surrounding. We should think that they are also human. They are also our part of life. They have a right to live whatever they want. They have their own desire. The article 21 says that people should have their personal liberty, if anybody interrupts your privacy, so he or she will be offensive. We are also a human, if we hurt someone who is gay/lesbian?? They have also emotions. They also need your support. When you hate them, their tear falls. Just because of people, sometimes they commit suicide.

Injustice, inequality and discrimination are very common to gay/lesbian people accidents in India. When I heard at Last week, a professor of St. Joseph’s College was dismissed just because he was gay. He was telling that the people assume him untouchable. They don’t want any shadow of any gay/Lesbian in their college. Ashley Tellis is an academic. He has a teaching experience more than 12 years not even in India but also in abroad. He is gay rights activist and feminist activist. He is fighting for this from the long time. He got out from university from his university due to his incompetence or ineptitude.

In face book, he told about the things happened with him. Now, it is clear. What the people think about gay/lesbian? Our constitution considers it illegal, but it is legal in foreign countries. The foreign countries accept them. They consider them an important part of their community. There is no issue with the gay/lesbian couples, where they work and live their life with freely. Now, my mind arises question have you ever think that “What the people think that they are not human? They don’t need love? They don’t deserve their rights?”

The tearful story of Ashley Tellis depicts the pain of gay/lesbian society. Being gay/Lesbian this story tells that there is also discrimination in the Indian education system. There is no part remain in the India hat give equality and respect to them. Ask yourself Who we are to decide what they should do or not?

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