Are We Really An Engineer ?

Posted by Saif Rahman
April 9, 2017

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Since last few days or months,I have been haunting by myself. Few questions were continuously raising to my conscience.
Am I a good engineer or something else ?
Am I just a part of this crowd ??
What I think that there are basically two types of engineers. First they know why they have to do this. For second type, they don’t know what to do that’s why they go for engineering.
Just to show their mere presence to this crowd.
After coming to this field,second type of so called engineers get what they had to do. I have asked to my friends why they chose this. Honestly I didn’t get any positive response.
Engineering is something different. It must be your passion, feeling and emotions. Unfortunately I don’t have any of it. Reading few questions and vomitting it on a white piece of paper in a close room is not gonna help you anyway.
Getting a good marks is not a criteria to be a good engineer. Writing observations and records and getting a sign at the last moment won’t lead you anywhere. Sometimes even we are not sure that whatever we wrote it is right or wrong.
It’s all formalities done by us.
In every semester,we do this i.e writing observations,records and getting sign at last moment. This cycle always goes on.
Major reason of doing this is lack of interest. We all know that where we stand here. We just pretend to be an engineer.
It’s better to go with your passion rather than to be bad engineer.
It might be a story of anyone. Don’t know next time it won’t be me but surely someone among us will be writing the same story.
I don’t think that I am a good engineer and don’t pretend to be.
Question is for you also.
Are you a good engineer ?????

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