Confessions Of A B-Grade Actress: What Lies Beyond The Glamour And ‘Sleaze’

Ankita Singh has been working in the B-grade film industry for several years now. Having starred in films like “Munni Metric Pass 2” and “Leke Ishq Mein Risk Sanam”, she’s no stranger to a little skin-show. But the industry is not all glamour and glitz. It’s been a hard life, with little or no support from family. Actresses like Ankita walk the thin line between earning a living and struggling to earn the respect that any hard working professional deserves.

Bollywood is bright lights, big stars, and incomparable celebrity. But what about its fringes? 101 Movietown looks at the men and women living and working at the periphery of the Hindi film industry: Animal trainers and fight masters, extras, imitators, and duplicates. Strugglers and misfits. 101 Movietown is the only show that takes its lens beyond the silver screen to spotlight the thousands of its support cast members, in all of their vibrant colours: Stories so inspiring that the main show – the Big Bollywood Dream – often pales in comparison.

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