Twitter Explodes As Prabhas-Starrer Bahubali 2 Breaks The Box Office!

Posted by Nitya Sriram in Art
April 28, 2017

“Bahubali ko Katappa ne kyun mara?! (Why did Katappa kill Bahubali?)”

The big question on everyone’s lips after watching the 2015 blockbuster hit Bahubali: The Beginning was finally answered with the release of Bahubali 2: The Conclusion on April 27.

Bahubali: The Conclusion

After the massive cliffhanger that the first installation concluded with, expectedly, the sequel drew nothing short of a stampede for tickets. If anything, many theatres ran extra shows to accommodate the massive demand for tickets, and the film in fact drew in an impressive 500 crore INR even before release.

Was it worth the wait? As Twitter exploded with Tweets reviewing the film, we can safely assume that yes, it met all expectations, and then some!

There were those who lauded the movie and its prequel as harbingers of a new era in Indian film production…

…to those who felt it was a great film that put regional Indian cinema on the map…

…to fans who lauded Prabhas’ “earth-shattering” performance.

In fact, Prabhas’ fan-base grew just because of the film!

For many, knowing why Katappa killed Bahubali was the best thing the film could give them!

Some Twitter even resorted to humour to express their excitement.

And while there were some, who were a little letdown…

…overall the film left fans extremely happy and satisfied!

Looks like this entertainer isn’t one to give a miss!