Basic Sneaker Rules For Men

Posted by Fellmonger
April 5, 2017

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Here is a newsflash, the sneakers you own are more than just for your gym! Yes, we know sneakers got their break as the flimsy little ‘plimsolls’ which is meant for the working class of holidaymakers and is purpose-built footwear which is designed for athletes. Sneakers have emerged as the staple in all men’s (as well women’s for that matter) wardrobe essential. Your sneakers can now be a fashion statement as well as a great workout gear, and could even be both at the same time.

So, here is our expert tip on how to wear sneakers with style:

No matter whichever kind of sneakers you settle for, there will always be a few basic principles for how to wear ones sneakers, which one should abide by. Moreover, these are forever applicable in all occasions:

  1. Always purchase sneakers that will go with your present wardrobe: what good may it be to buy the latest style of sneakers if it does not go with your personal style. Just because a trend train is passing by, you do not need to hop on it. Select the shoes that complement what you already have ad not the shoes that one would need to completely transform and repurchase your whole wardrobe.
  2. Put on your sneakers to the right occasions (do not try to get too casual): yes, there exists a thing called too casual! Sneakers are highly versatile but they are no substitute for dress shoes. While you can get away with wearing sneakers with any off-duty outfit and perhaps in a more unstructured, casual attire like a suit but you must realize they are not for every occasion! Better to be on the side of overdressing than under-dressing.
  3. Keeping things clean: it is not important how super cool your sneakers may be, the effect will be lost if they are no longer spick and span. To keep your sneakers well maintained you must wash the laces properly, eliminate odours brush the outside soles and store suing a shoe tree or sneaker shields.

Luxury leather sneakers:

A luxurious take on the basic sneaker is currently a raging trend. These are beautiful specimens, which have allowed those shabby sneakers to jump from the street casual wear to emerge as the smart casual wear without looking like a teenage boy’s jersey!

They may be worn with tailored trousers, skin-fit denims, and even chinos or casual suits. But it is best if you avoid them with shorts, because sneakers are usually bulky in comparison to the basic canvas sneakers. So, keep the look refined on top to match with your shoe.  You may as well pair them with basic tees, smart shirts and polos, which are equally great options. However, for a more dignified look you must opt for a shirt with a knit tie, slim and neat with a simple and clean blazer and some fitted denims.

Take these to be your sneaker commandments:

  1. Learn to dress up and not down.
  2. It is always good to start with black and then go brave with colours.
  3. When wearing suede take care and try not to wear it too often.
  4. Put on brighter pairs for summer holidays!

Happy wearing!

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