Beauty Of A Woman Is In Her Independence.

Posted by Nilima Jangam
April 13, 2017

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“Independent women are the most beautiful and most strongest.”

Do they like her? Do they talk about her? Do they care about her?

Oh! Wait more importantly, does she care about that?

“NO”. She doesn’t give a damn about people. She wants to follow her dreams and her ambitions. Who is she? Or what she wants to become? “Independent woman.” Now the answer to the question, “Why she should not care about what other people think about her?” The answer is that, she knows, she is the best beauty of her own life. She needs a better half who is worthy of her. From the day she has started walking without support, she has dreamt of her royal life. Now also whenever she sees her childhood photos of walking on her own, she can feel the first step of her independence. She knows that money and people are temporary so being independent without these two is more important than being surrounded by double standard people and their thousands of dollars.

Under her parent’s wings, she was independent enough to enjoy her life in the given limits. Those limitations made her safe and also strong. When she stepped out of the nest, she found a second way to her independent life. The second way was the real test for her ambitions and dreams. It was the time she had to prove herself in front of the world. The world outside her parent’s wings was not safe but it gave her new strength and will power to face every situations. This was the time where she had to implement her theory knowledge provided to her in the nest, practically. She didn’t know if she was ready to face the world but she built confidence in her to accept the challenges and complete them. Her first challenge was financial crisis and that made her realize that her dream is correct and how it is important to be a financially independent woman. And then there were ‘they’. New characters of her life, who she never thought would be a part of her royal life and dream. She loved them more than her dreams. She cared about them. And then one person, one moment changed her life! That moment made her realize, it’s important to have people around her, who wants her to be a successful woman. There were some points of her life where she made mistakes, she regretted those moments but then she used those moments as a source of will power to become someone better than who she is. She learnt so many new things from the mistakes she did, from the people she got close to, and from the situations, she experienced. From all of these things, she only learnt to pull her dream closer to her. Whenever she failed, she reminded herself of the people who wanted her to be successful, she reminded herself of how much she wants her dream to come true.

There were few people who cared about her, supported her, advised her and there were also few who spoke about her. She knew that, she would be surrounded by different kinds of people around her, but she had to only grab the right ones in her life, take the right directions and put right amount of efforts to gain the fruit. There is a linear graph of tough situations and will power. The tougher the situations got, stronger her will power would be. She was an independent child, an independent daughter, and is an independent girl. She will be an independent and successful woman. Doesn’t matter what situation arises, or where she goes or where her dream is, she knows she has to chase it and follow the path. It takes only one step to get up, follow and to chase!



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